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9 Times You Should Put Dog Boots on Your Pup

9 Times You Should Put Dog Boots on Your Pup

9 Times You Should Put Dog Boots on Your Pup

A dog’s feet are paws-itively amazing—they serve as shock absorbers, regulate a pup’s temperature, and can help them do everything from run at lightning speed to swim like a champ. But although they’ve got plenty of built-in defense mechanisms, even the toughest of paws need a little extra protection. Enter dog boots!

Dog boots can keep canines safe from a variety of ruff stuff, not to mention keep your home clean and your pup super stylish. Here are 9 times we recommend dog leggings for your furry friend:

When it’s scorching hot…

Though puppy paws contain sweat glands that keep them cool in the dog days of summer, they’re easily susceptible to burns and blisters from hot pavement and sizzling sidewalks—especially considering that pavement temperatures can reach up to 150 degrees on a 90-degree day! Fortunately, the natural rubber booties on our dog boot leggings are made to withstand temps up to 302°F. Plus, our Adjustable Fit Boot Leggings can be loosened for a cooling effect on warm days.

…or freezing cold

Fun fact: Paw pads have thick, fatty tissue that keeps your dog’s feet warm when it’s chilly outside. But they do nothing to protect from harmful snowmelt chemicals that canines come into contact with when it’s snowing and sleeting. Many ice-melting chemicals contain ingredients like sodium and potassium chloride, which can irritate your dog’s stomach if swallowed or cause paws to dry out. That’s why it’s crucial to use outdoor dog boots in cold weather to protect your pup from these potential dangers.

When it’s raining cats and dogs…

Some pups love to prance around in puddles on a rainy day, while others refuse to step one paw out the door when it’s so much as drizzling. Either way, our waterproof dog boots keep your pooch’s paws clean and dry when it’s wet outside. Even better, Walkee Paws dog leggings are made with water-resistant, 4-way stretch legging fabric that protects your dog’s entire leg. So now you can avoid a muddy mess being dragged into your home, and your pup can steer clear of those dreaded post-walk baths!

…and they need to get a grip

Most people think dog walking boots can only be used outside, but they’re also helpful for preventing senior dogs from slipping and sliding on wooden or tile floors. Our Indoor Grippy Sock Leggings have silicone grippies on the bottom of each rubber bootie to provide better traction for your dog to get up and around. So they can rise and shine each day without any extra strain on their aging joints!

When they suffer from allergies…

Dogs—they’re just like us! Meaning they can suffer from environmental allergies to pollen, trees, grass, weeds and more. And they can easily pick these allergens up on their paws and legs during their daily walks, which can cause everything from red, itchy skin to sneezing, hotspots and hair loss. But dog booties can do the trick when it comes to keeping allergens off dogs’ paws.

…or they have a yucky infection

If your dog is already suffering from a paw infection, hotspot or injured toenail, removable indoor dog boots may prevent them from licking the infected spot or making an injury worse. (Just make sure to check with your vet first!)

When the road gets rocky…

Yes, paws are naturally tough enough to navigate many terrains, but if you’re heading for an adventure somewhere with sharp objects (think: rocks or broken glass) or painful burrs, outdoor boot leggings are the key to protecting Fido’s feet!

…and ticks are at the ready

Tick-borne illnesses in dogs can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening. But dog boot leggings keep these parasites at bay by preventing ticks from attaching to your pup’s paws or legs.

When they want to look fetching and fashionable!

Patterned dog boots let your dog strut their stuff in style on your daily stroll. Whether they’re sporting confetti polka dots, a classic plaid pattern or a chic basic black, you can change up your four-legged friend’s outfit to match their mood or style. You can even make sure they’re dressed appropriately for the season! Our favorite look: Bad-to-the-bone Skulls print leggings to dress you dog up for Howl-oween!

Ready to keep your dog protected and super cute on their everyday walks? Check out our collection of best-selling Outdoor Leggings, the world’s first all-one-dog boot leggings!

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