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  • Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs and How to Prevent Them

      During hot summer months, the local news often warns people against heat stroke. Our bodies can become overwhelmed from exposure to heat and hum...
  • Foxtails are Scary for Dogs this Summer: Here's What You can Do

    Owning a pet dog is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to take care of your pup's basic needs, but you also have to be on the lookout for...
  • Ticks on Dogs: How to Protect your Dog During this Summer

    Ticks are the bane of every dog owner’s existence. The small, blood-sucking insects are virtually everywhere outdoors. Ticks on dogs can be diffi...
  • Can Dogs Get Poison Ivy? How to Treat Poison Ivy on Dogs

    While poison ivy isn’t toxic to humans, it can be to dogs. Dogs can ingest the sap from licking their paws or fur.
  • Can Dogs Bring COVID-19 Into the House (on Their Paws)?

    The ultimate word on whether your dog can help or not bring Coronavirus to your home.
  • Benefits of Having Pets at Home During Times of Stress

    In these times of closure, having a loved one close to one definitely helps. Learn about how your furry one can help you cope with the stress associated with confinement.
  • How to Keep Your Dog Safe From Germs

    Dogs are also susceptible to germs and many other diseases lurking around. How do you keep them from carrying them? Here's how.
  • 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Sleep In The Same Bed As Your Pet

    New pet owners struggle with the dilemma of a dog sleeping in bed with them or making them sleep on the floor. 
  • Can Dogs Get Coronavirus? Here’s What You Should Know

    Up until recently, coronavirus was contained to one area of the world. However, it is now close to a global pandemic. Headlines everywhere recently blared that a dog “tested positive” for the viral infection.
  • The Most Stylish Dog Clothing for Winter to Keep Your Pup Warm

    Dog clothes aren’t just a cute fashion accessory. Depending on the dog’s breed, dog clothing can help insulate your dog’s fur from the cold weathe...
  • How to Keep Your House Clean with Dogs

    Learning how to keep your house clean with dogs is one of the challenges of adopting a new member of the family. 
  • Best Dog Boots That Stay On

    Dog booties and doggy shoes are a hot trend in pup fashion right now!