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Happy Howl-oween: The Definitive Guide to Dressing Up Your Dog

Happy Howl-oween: The Definitive Guide to Dressing Up Your Dog

Happy Howl-oween: The Definitive Guide to Dressing Up Your Dog

Spooky season is upon us, and as a proud puppy paw-rent, you probably want your pooch to be involved in all the festive fun. For some dog owners, that’s as simple as taking Fido along on your family’s trick-or-treating adventures. For others, it calls for dressing up your dog in a frighteningly cute costume. If you fall into the latter category but aren’t quite sure how to get started, you’re in luck: We’ve got the only guide you need to picking out (or putting together) the perfect costume for your pup, along with some essential tips for making Halloween magical for your furry friend.

How to Find Outfit Inspiration

Go tried and true. Some costumes are classics for a reason--they never get old and always look aww-dorable. Think: ghosts, pumpkins, vampires, witches and fairies, for example.
Base it on your faves. Choose a character from your most-watched TV show or movie; dress up your dog as your favorite artist or musician; or take inspiration from a beloved cartoon series or comic book.
Be of the moment. Which celebrities are making headlines these days? What movies have gotten rave reviews lately? Are there any pop culture moments you could base a funny costume on? Get a little inspiration from what’s going on in the world around you for a spooktacular dog costume that’s ultra timely.
Consult social media. No luck coming up with a dog Halloween costume that’s a scream? Just open up Instagram or TikTok, search “dog costume” or “dog Halloween,” and scroll through the results for some scary-good ideas.
Steal one of our looks! Fun fact: Our Outdoor Dog Boot Leggings make a great building block for dog Halloween costumes. Pair our Skulls print leggings with a pirate hat and eye patch for a bad-to-the-bone look. Add a tutu to our Pink leggings to create a boo-tiful ballerina. Or toss on a military coat with our Camo leggings for a soldier ensemble.

3 Ways to Get the Look

  1. Buy a costume. There’s no end to stores and online shops where you can search for any dog costume your heart desires. They’re often one-stop shops with everything you need to dress your dog up for the witching hour.
  2. Purchase key pieces and repurpose items you already own. Don’t want to buy a full head-to-toe costume for your canine? Supplement items you already own--such as a Santa Paws Hat-with store-bought pieces to complete the look.
  3. Get crafty. Pull out your sewing machine and glue gun to create a DIY dog costume. Glue pieces of felt to a hoodie for a homemade dinosaur look, or wrap your pup up in gauze to look like a mummy!

Dos and Don'ts for Your Dog This Halloween

Do use a reflective leash or coat. They’ll make sure drivers can see your canine when you’re out after dark.

Don’t put a mask on your dog. Avoid costumes that cover up your pup’s face, as this can block their nose and make it hard to breathe.

Do match your dog or create a pack theme. Have more than one pup? Create a group costume for your pack--you included--for an extra-festive effect.

Don’t let your dog eat candy. It probably goes without saying that chocolate can be toxic to canines. But other sweets can cause gastrointestinal upset, and even sugar-free candies (which often contain xylitol) can cause hypoglycemia in dogs. And don’t forget that the wrappers themselves can be dangerous--when ingested in large quantities, they can cause an obstruction.

Do keep their paws clean and protected. Trick or treating can be a messy business. But thanks to Walkee Paws Dog Leggings, your pup will stay safe from all the ruff stuff outside. Even better, they’ll avoid the dirt, mud and germs they’d typically pick up on walks, which means you don’t have to bathe your four-legged friend when you return from your Halloween adventures!

Don’t dress up your dog if they’re stressed or scared. Not all pups love to be decked out in a cute costume. If that sounds like your dog, then skip the outfit entirely and just bring them along for the fun!

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