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Holiday Outfits for your Pup

Holiday Outfits for your Pup

Holiday Outfits for your Pup

‘Tis the season of joy, happiness, and a sweet hot chocolate under the mistletoe. In this time of love and gifts, let’s not forget to bring some cheers to our four-legged friends. Not sure what to gift your pup for the holiday season? You are in luck because here at WalkePaws, we have the perfect gift for your pooch.

Keep Him Safe and Nice with our World-Class Waterproof Dog Leggings!

To make him look all classy and fabulous, let your dog sport fancy dog leggings that will not only make him look fantastic but will also protect him! WalkeePaws waterproof leggings are made of the most durable materials that will keep snow, dirt, and debris off their paws. 

Find the best one for your pup in our wide selection of leggings.  We have all sizes in our sets of outfits, including our famous confetti leggings. You’ll find one for every puppy style! 

But why stop at the leggings? There is so much more you can have Santa bring to your dog’s stockings. 

Dog Coats that’ll Keep Them Warm and Sizzlin’

Because it might get freezing out there, keep your pup warm and cozy with our exclusive selection of coats. We have lightweight and fleece-lined units to accompany them with WalkeePaws protection against dirt and germs. 

Some dog breeds do not fare well during winter times. Very low temperatures could even be harmful to any breed. If the thermometer is dropping mighty low in your area, consider getting a stylish coat to go along with his waterproof dog leggings. 

This is the perfect combination of fashion, elegance, style, and safety for your loved furry one. Plus, it is spoiling time for your pooch!

How About Some Grippy Socks to Prevent Slipping?

During the celebrations, the entire family needs to stay safe. We might not be able to bring in as many people to celebrate with us this year, but one thing is for sure: Your best friend will certainly get excited with your visitors. 

How does your dog show excitement? He wags his tail uncontrollably? Jumps like a deer? Runs frantically all over the house? Either one, a great gift to keep them safe is our WalkeePaws Grippy Socks. 

Many of your floors are just too slippery for the dog to walk on. Even when it appears that they are walking all fine, they are probably struggling to do so. Your dog wants to cheer up and celebrate all around the house. But if he’s slipping and sliding, he won’t get the exercise and fun he needs. 

Gift them with what they need and spoil them with the best style for him!

Complete the Joy with More Awesome Accessories

Check out our catalog that includes leashes to match the WalkeePaws leggings, harnesses, and more! There is so much you can find to gift your pup or your friends’. 

Happy Holidays from everyone at WalkeePaws! 

We hope you can safely enjoy this time of year with your family - humans and dogs included!