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Meet Walkee Paws, the Better Dog Boot!

Are you tired of dog boots that are hard to get on, have a habit of falling off and are uncomfy for your furry friend? Then you need a better bootie! Introducing Walkee Paws, the world's first all-in-one dog boot leggings.

Protect Your Pet’s Paws During Any Season!

Our Walkee Paws Leggings are the best dog boot solution! Suited for all seasons, Walkee Paws’ unique legging design provides superior protection from the elements and extreme environments. Our outdoor dog leggings protect paws from:

Spring Showers

Most dogs don't love storms, and some won't even touch grass that's wet! Dog rain boots are practical and protective; keep your pup happy with dry paws, and keep you from worrying about the muddy clean-up once you get back indoors!

Dogs that don't have a thick overcoat, like French Bulldogs, can use some extra protection from the rain. With our rain jacket and dog leggings, we have your pup covered from toe to tail! By keeping your dry and warm, rainy-season walks are a whole lot easier and save you clean-up time after your outdoor adventures.

Plus our boots are made from Thermoplastic Elastomer for durability and to ensure your pup can feel the ground when walking to give them a much needed sense of security

Summer Heat

From hot sand to burning pavements, summer weather can bring dangerous conditions many owners overlook. Think about the quick run from your towel to the water on beach days--if your feet need protection from walking on scorching sand, your dog’s do, too!

There aren't many dog boots designed for summer comfort. Most are clunky and tend to fall off. Our outdoor dog leggings have a waterproof sole for protection, plus loose openings for ventilation to ensure your dog is protected and comfortable all day!

Summer months also bring other dangers like:-prickly burrs, foxtails, fertilizer chemicals and allergens

The most important part of your summer adventures is to keep everyone safe-your dog included!

Winter Walks

Most dog's paws are super sensitive to cold weather. Winter dog boots can be big and bulky (and only useful for a few months of the year). Getting your pup used to different fits of other dog boots can be tricky, but with Walkee Paws, they'll feel comfortable in the same fit each season!

If you think it’s cold outside, your dog does, too! Whether your pup loves jumping around in the snow or not, it's important to protect your pooch.

In the winter months, you have to watch out for:

Dryness and cracking from dry weather

Frostbite from ice and snow

Slips and falls on slick sidewalks

Dangerous snowmelt chemicals

There are many hidden winter dangers, such as ice salt and snow-melt chemicals. Although certain breeds, like Huskies, tolerate cold and snow much better than short-haired breeds, even winter-loving pups can still be at risk due to chemical or salt exposure.

Our waterproof dog boots feature grippy dots for traction and protect your dog's feet, so you don't have to worry about unnecessary paw exposure or tracking unwanted chemicals into your house.

Whether your dog enjoys the cold and snow or not, any dog can benefit from precautions in inclement weather. Walkee Paws provides worry-free walks, so you can enjoy some fun in any winter wonderland!

Fall Hiking

On long walks over rough terrain, your pup will thank you for the extra support and paw protection Walkee Paws provides.

If you can't walk on a surface barefoot, neither should your dog! While hiking, you'll probably encounter a variety of terrains. Walkee Paws will protect your dog's paws from sharp rocks, rough surfaces and even unwanted prickle burrs. With the right fit, you can be sure that your pup is enjoying each adventure, regardless of where you’re going!

Layer with our Liner Socks under, to give even more warmth and protection on cold days!

While your pet is wearing our protective leggings, you won't have to worry about:

Ticks and other creepy crawlers

Scrapes from rocks or rough surfaces

Losing traction on wet surfaces

Indoor Dog Leggings

Sometimes your pet needs a little extra support, and that's just what our indoor dog leggings are designed for! It's easy for dogs’ feet to slip and slide on wood floors, especially for our senior pets. Our Indoor Leggings feature grippy socks with a soft comfortable fit and are a perfect solution for pets that need some help maneuvering around.


Indoor booties are perfect for:

Designed With Your Pup in Mind

Walkee Paws are made to be the most comfortable solution for your dog. Not only are they easy to get on and designed to stay on, but the adjustable straps also make sure that you have a perfect fit every time

Plus, Walkee Paws are built for every occasion and paw size! With our easy-to-put-on design, you don't need a complicated velcro strap to secure boots, and our fetching patterns make sure your pup’s paws are covered for every occasion.

Never Lose a Dog Boot Again! Walkee Paws are your dog's best friend.

Protection all year!

Rain or shine cold or heat, Walkee paws guarantees four happy feet