Walkee Paws — the better dog boot!

If you’re frustrated with traditional dog boots that are hard to get on, uncomfortable to wear and often fall off, we get it!

That’s why we created Walkee Paws, the world’s first dog leggings designed to solve these issues and more!

Dog Boots

Hard To Get On and Off

Walkee Paws

Easy On and Off

Thanks to the clever over-the-back design, Walkee Paws takes the pain out of putting on dog booties. Regular dog boots come with four separate pieces. But our dog leggings connect to one another over the back, making them easy to slip on without messing with your pup’s sensitive paws.
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Walkee Paws Dog Leggings are designed with the coziest 4-way stretch fabric for maximum canine comfort. With our patented over-the-back design, they don’t rely on being tight around the ankle to stay on.
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Often Fall Off

Designed to Stay On

With traditional dog shoes and paw covers, it’s almost impossible to go for a walk without losing one (or all!) of the booties. But because Walkee Paws dog leggings connect over the back, all four boots are attached to one another, so you’ll never lose a bootie again!
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Only Protects Paws

Protects Pup's Entire Leg

Most dog boots only protect your pooch’s paws. But Walkee Paws dog leggings cover their entire legs, keeping them dry in rain and snow, free of dirt and germs, cool against hot pavement, and protected from chemicals and allergens!

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