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How to Protect Your Pups Paws this Summer: Dog Booties for Hot Pavement

How to Protect Your Pups Paws this Summer: Dog Booties for Hot Pavement

How to Protect Your Pups Paws this Summer: Dog Booties for Hot Pavement

Living in a concrete jungle during the summer can be hard on both dogs and humans. There is never enough shade, the air conditioner is never strong enough, and it always feels hotter than the weather channel says. Walkee paws will combat the heat so you can treat and protect your dog with waterproof dog leggings. They are better than even the best dog shoes since they extend up through the leg.

Your dog's feet are sensitive and are likely to burn walking on hot asphalt or concrete in high summer temperatures, same as human feet. Pavement absorbs and retains the heat all day long, so the temperature outside is not what your dog is feeling on their paws.

Dog’s sweat glands are located in their paws to try and regulate their body temperatures. If you feel warm, your canine companion is likely feeling much warmer. 

How to Protect Dog Paws From Hot Pavement

Keeping your dog cool and hydrated during the blistering mid-year months is essential. Aside from making sure that your dog's water bowl is full, there are other tips to keep in mind for summer heat protection.

Warm surfaces like metal, concrete sidewalks, or black-top asphalt can injure your dog's paw pads. If you can't walk on the ground, your dog shouldn't either! Hot pavement can cause burns, dry skin, and an unhappy pup.

Watch out for Warning Signs

It can be surprising how hot the ground can get - especially since we wear shoes. Pet owners should be diligent in looking out for any signs their dog is uncomfortable.

More likely than not, if the road is too hot for you, it’s too hot for them!

Signs to look out for:

  • Jumping from one paw onto the next
  • Pulling away from the sidewalk or road
  • Excessive panting
  • Favoring a paw

Walk Your Dog When It's Cool 

You can't just stop walking your dog during the summer months, but you can walk around the weather! Avoid the midday heat and walk during the mornings or late afternoons. Reflective velcro straps can be added to your pup's shoes to ensure better safety when walking in the dark.

This saves you from the heat and protects your pup’s paws from injury. A walking routine like this also creates a stable day for your pooch.

In the middle of the day, while the sun is high in the sky, the blacktop will be boiling. If you can't avoid afternoon walks, you should look at the best dog shoes for hot weather options to ensure your pup is safe- some even include breathable mesh.

Stay On The Grass When It's Hot

If possible, find a space with plenty of grass for your dog to stay on. If you live in the concrete jungle - a dog park might be just what the vet ordered to keep your dog's feet cool.

Prevent Dry Paws

Just like when we have dry skin, dog paws can crack, cut, and become painful. This can be irritating and painful to your dog, but can also lead to a greater risk of infection.

Paw Wax

Take care to moisturize your dog's paw pads with special paw wax if you often find yourself walking on hot pavement. Or better yet, try our outdoor leggings to prevent cracked paw pads from happening in the first place.

Try a Doggie Carriage

Dog carriages can be an excellent solution for older or small pups with lower endurance. Certain breeds, like French bulldogs, are more sensitive to a warm environment. If you plan to take a long walk and are concerned about your pup's comfort, a dog carriage is a fantastic alternative.

Strengthen Your Dog's Paws

Take advantage when it is not as hot outside, and have your dog walk on the sidewalk or pavement. This will help toughen up their paws to withstand more extreme conditions better. Similarly to how humans develop calluses to thicken and protect their skin, the same is true of dog paw pads.

Clean Your Dog's Paws

After your dog comes back inside after a walk or potty break, check their paws to ensure that they are clean and undamaged. Remove any excess dirt, rocks, or sticks that could cause harm or infection to your dog. Clean your pup's paws with a room temperature damp cloth, and bathe regularly with a gentle shampoo.

Use Paw Covers

The summer can be hard on both dogs and humans. It can feel like there is never enough shade, and it's always hotter than the weather channel predicts.

Pavement absorbs and retains the heat all day long, so the temperature outside is not what your dog is feeling on their paws. The best way to prevent injury (and keep your pup happy) is to protect their paws!

Our dog leggings have waterproof rubber boots to protect their paws from the hot ground, with grippies for traction and to keep paws raised off the hot surfaces. The drawstring elastic leg openings can be loosened for added ventilation on hot days and tightened to prevent rain from entering on wet days. The unique over-the-back design prevents them from falling off mid-walk like other booties.


How do I protect my dog's paws from hot pavement?

You can protect your dog's paws with dog booties or ankle leggings that cover their paws and extend up to their elbow. Walking on hot concrete or asphalt is one of the most challenging things for dogs to do, and it can lead to painful blisters and sores. Walking in the shade is recommended for both you and your dog, and you can help your canine friend by covering their paws.

How do you walk a dog when the pavement is hot?

You can help your dog maintain its body heat by walking in the shade and covering up your dog’s paws. There are a few ways to protect them from the heat:

  • You can walk your dog on a leash and let the leash drag in the shade.
  • You can ask a friend to walk their dog in the shade with them.
  • You can carry a water bottle and give your dog a drink every few minutes.

Should dogs have hot pavement shoes?

The best way to protect your dog’s paw pads from the heat is with dog shoes, booties or ankle leggings for hot weather. Booties or ankle leggings are best for keeping your dog protected from the sun’s rays. These will block the heat coming up from the ground so your dog can stay cool without getting heat blisters.

Do dog boots protect from the heat?

Yes, covering your dog's paws is the smart thing to do in extremely hot temperatures. The issue with most regular dog boots is that they are hard to get on, uncomfortable to wear, and often fall off. Walkee Paws Dog Boot Leggings are designed to overcome all these pain points. Due to the over-the-back design, they are easier to get on, comfy for dogs to wear, and you will never lose a dog boot again as they are all attached together. 

When should my dog wear dog boots?

Dogs are not meant to wear boots all day. They should be removed before your dog goes into the house after a walk or potty break, and when they are swimming or playing in the water. Typically, they are meant to be worn for short periods. 

Final Words

Check your dog's paw pads for signs of injury, and wash his paws occasionally. Follow these tips to protect your pup from the hot pavement:

  • Don’t walk your dog during the hottest parts of the day
  • Cut back walk times if it is too hot
  • Look out for shady areas  
  • Moisturize and/or wax your dog’s paws

Let Walkee Paws waterproof dog leggings protect your dog's paws from the ruff stuff outside. The light and durable design will protect your pooch during any summer adventure.

Spend time with your canine companion this summer; exercise, shop, and enjoy fun activities outside, but don’t let your dog burn their paw pads. Let them be dry, safe, cool, and oh so fashionable in Walkee Paws dog leggings.

Extra tip: if you cannot leave your hand touching the pavement out for more than 10 seconds, do not go on a walk.