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Some frequently asked questions by our customers.
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Thanks to Walkee Paws, there's finally a way to keep your pup's paws protected and your home free from dirt and germs! Our waterproof dog leggings are designed to protect your pooch from the elements and prevent the many germs, chemicals and allergens they pick up on their walks from entering your home. 

Unlike other dog booties that slip off mid-walk, Walkee Paws have a patented design that covers your dog's entire legs and connects cleverly over the back so they're guaranteed to stay on. They're also loose around the ankle for maximum canine comfort and feature stretchy rubber booties that mimic dogs' natural walking pattern. This natural feel provides a much-needed sense of security, giving your dog a comfy and safe experience while strolling around town.

Since our launch last winter, Walkee Paws dog leggings have been best in show. But thanks to feedback from our biggest fans—both dogs and humans alike—we've come up with a few tricks to make them even more paw-some:

New "grippies" for traction: Slipping and sliding on wet pavement or icy sidewalks is no fun for your Fido. That's why we added "grippies" to the outside of our booties for better traction. They're also perfect for older pups who struggle on wooden surfaces.

A flawless fit: We added a second over-the-back connector to help you better adjust the fit on both the front and back legs, offering even more canine comfort and staying power. Plus, the extra connector comes in a super cute heart shape, which makes it easier to distinguish the front from the back leggings.

Enhanced waterproof features: We switched to a new water-resistant technology for our leggings, while our rubber booties remain 100% waterproof.

More sizes: We now fit every Fido, from XS to XL! Plus, our size label will specify the size of the leggings, so you can tell them apart if you have multiple dogs.

Fresh patterns: Introducing two new pup-approved prints: hearts and skulls.

Yep, that's what they're designed for! Not only do Walkee Paws keep your dog's feet clean and protected on everyday walks, but they also feature waterproof booties to keep them dry and warm in rain or snow. Thanks to new legging fabric that's treated with a water-resistant technology, Walkee Paws keep their legs dry, too, and prevent your dog from being exposed to salt, snow melt, allergens and chemicals that can be dangerous if ingested.

Not at all—in fact, Walkee Paws are cleverly designed to allow for mess-free poops and pees! Often times, dogs accidentally step in their own business after going. But with our waterproof booties, your dog's paws will remain clean, dry and germ-free (meaning your home will, too!).

Let us guess: Your dog didn't love having her sensitive paws touched, and she certainly didn't care for the tight straps around her ankles. But compared to other dog booties, Walkee Paws are a total treat! That's because our patented design allows you to simply slip your dog's paws into the leggings without any of the fuss, and features a loose fit around the ankles to keep your canine more comfortable. 

Not only that: Our waterproof booties are made from natural rubber, a flexible material that mimics the normal sensation of walking on the ground. This gives your pup a higher-quality sensory experience, and helps him feel safe and secure when wearing Walkee Paws. Plus our new "grippies" provide traction on slippery surfaces

Absolutely! Walkee Paws are ideal for puppies, as they have a grow-with-me feature built in! Our patented design features a cord stopper that can be loosened to lengthen the leggings as your puppy grows. To take advantage of this, we suggest you measure your pup and order a size up. 

Not to mention, Walkee Paws are perfect for protecting your puppy from picking up germs prior to receiving all of their shots. By keeping their paws clean, you prevent them from licking germs, dirt and toxins off their paws after their walks. 

By starting your dog young, you'll help train them to wear Walkee Paws on all their walks, ensuring they're protected and comfortable and your home is germ-free from the start.

It's simple! Just rinse the rubber booties under cold water, then hang them to dry. For dirty leggings, machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle, then hang to dry inside out in a shady spot, making sure to keep them away from heat or fire.

Some dogs take to Walkee Paws right away, while others may do a funny high-step dance when getting used to the new sensation (we call this a Walkee Waddle!). For your first time using Walkee Paws, it may be best to ask for an extra set of hands to help you hold your dog still as you slip the leggings on. Some pups may freeze and refuse to walk—just attach the leash, give a slight tug to get them walking and soon they'll forget they're even wearing them!

For more helpful hints, just follow our Fit Instructions here.

A proper fit is extremely important to making sure your Walkee Paws perform their best. If one of the leggings slips off mid-walk, chances are the fit wasn't snug enough when secured over your dog's back. Fortunately, it's a simple fix: Gently push in on the cord stopper while firmly pulling the loops up to tighten. See here for a video demo.

It's also helpful to make sure that the front loops are secured between your dog's shoulder blades, instead of lower on their back.

For extra staying power, attach your leash to both the metal ring on your Walkee Paws and your dog's collar or harness. And if all else fails, refer to our Fit Instructions here for step-by-step details.

To be honest, most dogs don't like wearing anything. But many Walkee Paws wearers get used to them quickly, especially when they see how many people compliment them on their cute new look! Not to mention, dogs will also like that they no longer have to get wet, cold or sick from ingesting salt and harmful chemicals (and you'll love that Walkee Paws keep your home clean post-walk!).

Some dogs may stand in a frozen pose at first. Simply put them on a leash and encourage them to walk, and they'll soon forget they're even wearing them.

The larger the Walkee Paws, the more fabric and rubber used to make them. That's why larger sizes are more expensive than smaller ones.

Our two-step return and reorder process takes the place of an exchange policy. But don't worry: It’s quick and easy! We offer free standard shipping on U.S. returns and reorders. Just follow our return instructions to receive a full credit once your return is received. Then order your replacement item ASAP to make sure we don't run out of the item you’re looking for.

Since many of our items vary in price based on sizing, our returns often involve price adjustments. That’s why we offer a quick and easy return and reorder process. See above for more details.

There's a reason we call them Walkee Paws instead of Runnee Paws! They're designed for on-leash walks and perform best when used this way. If your dog does want to romp and play in them, there's no guarantee that Walkee Paws will stay on. And for larger dogs in particular, running in Walkee Paws—especially on rough terrain—can cause the rubber booties to rip or tear. If you'd like to stop mid-walk for a puppy play session, we recommend removing your Walkee Paws first.

When designing Walkee Paws, we did our very best to create a product that's effective, durable and comfy for your dog. We also needed to strike a balance between finding rubber that was fit for walks and free of dangerous phthalates and lead, while also being thin enough for your dog to feel the ground for stability and security.

With all that being said, the durability of your Walkee Paws will vary from pup to pup, depending on factors like the size of your dog, the length of your walks, the outdoor walking surface and the weather conditions they're exposed to.

All of our dog leggings are made from the most fashionable fabrics, which—like human leggings—will wear over time. That's why we suggest grabbing two pairs instead of one! That way, your pup can wear one pair while you're washing the other, extending their lifetime and durability (and letting your dog strut his stuff in a new pattern each day!

Here are a few more tips for making your Walkee Paws last as long as possible:

Keep your dog's nails clipped short and filed to avoid tearing the rubber booties.

Pick the proper size for your pooch. If the booties are too tight, the rubber might rip.

Buy an extra pair or two and alternate between them. 

Only use Walkee Paws for leisurely leash walks. Be sure to take them off if your dog wants to play off leash or run on rough terrain.

Just like you, we only want the best for our furry friends. That's why our rubber booties are free of dangerous phthalates and lead, and come from a factory that meets the highest independent laboratory safety standards.

However, this manufacturing process means visual imperfections can sometimes appear (small bumps, lines, discoloration, etc). But no worries: They don't affect the functionality of your Walkee Paws or the comfort of your canine companion!

Definitely! The metal ring on the front loop of the leggings is designed to attach to a harness or collar using your leash. Never attach your leash directly to Walkee Paws leggings, as they're not intended to be used in place of a harness.

Also, because Walkee Paws are waterproof, water can't get inside our little booties. But that also means it can't get out. Although your furry friend may want to wear their new Walkee Paws all day long (can't blame 'em!), we suggest only using them when you're out on a walk. They can also be used  at home to prevent slipping and sliding on floors or as a barrier to chewing on their paws, but it's important to only leave them on for a couple of hours at a time. Why? Because dogs sweat through their paws to help regulate their body temperature. If you keep Walkee Paws on for more than a few hours, this moisture can get trapped inside the booties and potentially cause irritation or infection. And as always, please supervise your dog when he's wearing Walkee Paws!

We are planning to upgrade all production to the new and improved version that feature grippies for traction, an extra connector for a better fit and water-resistant legging fabric to keep legs dry, too.

We are using best-in-show rubber with grippies, providing an extra connector for fit and adding water-resistant technology to our fabric. The new price also reflects an increase in tariff duties.

Natural rubber is made from a runny, milky white liquid called latex that oozes from certain plants when you cut into them. 

Our rubber is natural, which is why our rubber booties are free of dangerous phthalates and lead, and  they come from a factory that meets the highest independent laboratory safety standards.


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