Walkee Paws


"First-Ever' Dog Leggings Are the Next Big Pet Clothing Trend this Holiday Season"

"But doggy leggings? This is a new concept."


"Ski-pants for dogs"


"Your canine companions can trot alongside you in equally fashion-forward leggings."

"Walkee Paws, The World’s First Dog Legging, Is Available Now!"

"Now pets can rock leggings just like their humans"


"Not only are they adorable, but they’ll prevent your pup’s paws from freezing."


"Watch your dog strut around like it’s on Britain’s Next Top Model"


"Dog Leggings Have Arrived To Keep Your Pooch Warm"

"I love them."

-This Is Cheldin

"Whether it’s just a walk around town or conquering the snow or rain, the leggings will help keep your furry BFF protected from outside elements."



"Muddy Marvelous"


"In comparison to booties, these dog leggings seem much easier to put on — and much harder for your dog to slip off. Human 1, pup 0."

"Protect Your Pup's Paws and Keep Your House Mud-Free"

"head-turning dog leggings"

"leggings to keep their pooch’s legs warm through winter"

"The Newest Pet Trend For Winter"