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dog boots, dog’s paw protect, your dog’s paws

Dog Boots for Traction: 3 Features to Look Out For

Dog Boots for Traction: 3 Features to Look Out For

dog boots, dog’s paw protect, your dog’s paws

“But they’ve got paws!”

A pretty common comment from your friend without a dog of their own, wondering why you’re buying another pair of dog boot leggings for your pooch.

“Why in the world would they need that?” 

Well, you know why.

Your dog’s paw pads aren’t magical shields. They don’t that act as indestructible barriers between the dog’s foot and every kind of surface. 

All they’ve got is thick skin and a shock-absorbing fatty inner layer, so their paws can still get irritated, burned, or cut.

Dog boots protect their paws from:

  • Rain
  • Mud
  • Burrs
  • Hot pavements
  • Dangerous ice melt chemicals

But don’t just take our word for it.

“I just moved to New England where there is a lot of snow. I use these for my mini poodle (17 LBS, 18 tall) and they work really well. They are the only booties that stay on, and he walks really well in them. If these have not been invented...I would have invented them!!! I highly recommend to protect your doggies feet. I just moved to New Also, have patience the first few times putting them on. You'll get the hang of how to put on quickly after a few times”

Andrea G.

Do Dogs Really Need Boots?

Absolutely! For several reasons:

  • If you enjoy hiking, discovering hidden trails, or mountain biking, dog boots will protect your dog’s paws as they speed across the rough terrain.

  • You also get to take your dog on water adventures knowing their sharp claws won’t tear gear, such as inflatable kayaks or your stand-up paddleboard.

  • As the weather cools down towards fall and winter, boots are a good way to keep your dog’s paws nice and warm.

  • The best indoor leggings steady your pooch on slippery surfaces, as the grippy silicone dots provide traction. They’re especially beneficial for arthritic senior dogs

Let’s face it, we all like waking up to zero claw marks on our floors in the morning.

So what are the best dog boots, and what features should you look out for?

Finding the Best Dog Boots for Your Pooch

best dog boots

Choose the Best Material

Go for a durable outer material and a soft inner material that will not catch on your dog’s nails or claws. 

Each pair of our outdoor boot leggings has a four-way stretch fabric for ultimate canine comfort.

Better yet, our dog shoes have waterproof rubber soles and water-resistant legging fabric to protect your pooch from all the ruff stuff.

Note: If you’re planning on going out in the snow, dog boots with waterproof grippies are a must-have. That way, your dog’s feet will stay warmer for longer, and the traction will keep them from slipping and sliding on wet pavement or icy sidewalks.

More on the essence of grippies, a textured sole is great for traction, and it helps your dog feel confident enough to walk around, knowing they’ll be safe. 

Finally, you need dog boots with a flexible sole that feels natural to walk in. Something overly rigid may have your pup developing strange gaits or over-compensating for shoe discomfort.

Not to mention dogs need to feel the ground when they walk. The rubber in our outdoor boot leggings is just thin enough so your pup can. There’s none of the bulkiness that comes with competitor boots.

The Best Dog Boots Are Easy to Put On

The easier it is to put the dog boots on, the faster you can train your dog to walk in them. Many features can make a boot easy to put on your pup. 

This includes:

  • A wide or expandable opening
  • Slip-on style
  • Adjustable straps
  • Over-the back construction

We believe our over-the-back construction is the win here. The legging fabric acts as a sling allowing you to slip your dog's legs in without needing to fiddle with their sensitive paws. 

One person can easily do this by standing over your dog. 

Remember: Regular boots require at least two people to get them on.

Our fastener style is a big help, too. Our dog boots have elastic drawstring legging openings so you can adjust them for a snug fit around your puppy's paws. 

They are also paw-fect all year round. Just tighten the drawstring during winter to prevent rain or snow from entering and loosen for better airflow on warm days.

Additionally, we have a cushioned back piece that adds comfort and prevents fur from catching on to the drawstring.

Our boots aren’t just easy to slip on, but they actually stay on (we know the struggle). The adjustable straps also ensure you have a perfect fit every time.

Best of all, because our dog boots are connected in a single smart design, you’ll never lose a dog boot again. 

Rebecca thinks so, too:

“Brilliant design!! Paw covers that stay ON! Daisy loves them... and the puffer coat is also so well designed. Even her human Dad can get it on and off ;-)”

No more complicated velcro straps to secure boots. With our easy-to-put-on design and our trendy patterns, your puppy's paws are covered for every occasion.

Measure the Perfect Fit

If you choose dog boots that are too small, your pup will be uncomfortable. However, on the other side of things, their dog boots could slip off if you go too big. So you need to know the right size of your dog’s paws before making a purchase. 

Not to toot our own horn, but our All-in-One Dog Boot Leggings are the first of their kind, but they require unique measurements to find the right fit.

Use our guide below to get the correct size for both your puppy's paws and height.

dog paw size


Important: Now, before you attempt to use another guide, please note our sizing doesn’t correspond with other dog apparel sizing, so make sure to measure for the paw-fect fit.

Remember, this is just that—a guide—so make sure to determine whether your dog is tall or short for their breed, as sizing can vary within breeds.

And now you’re thinking, “I’ve nailed the size, but how in the world do I get them on?”

Say no more.

How to Get Your Dog Used to Dog Boots

wearing boots, rubber sole

Honestly, even though there are many benefits to having dog boots, they may not be as excited about them as we are. That’s where patience and lots of treats come in.

Pro Tip: Lay the boots out along with a treat for a day or two, so your dog can sniff out his future. Treats help them create positive associations with the boots.

For the best fit, make sure the straps form an “H” shape on your dog’s back. Another tip here is to separate the connectors after fitting them, so one sits by your dog’s shoulders and the heart connector is towards your dog's lower back.

Manage your expectations when you first suit up all four paws as your dog will probably wiggle, fall, or stand still. 

Also don’t laugh too hard (but certainly laugh) when they walk funny and encourage them to keep moving around until they feel comfortable. 

When they start walking in high steps and looking confused, it may be the right time to call it a day. Reward them with even more treats, and try again tomorrow.

We recommend wearing the boots for just an hour daily in the first week so your dog can break into the new booties. Even after they’re comfortable try not to do more than 5 hours as the heat may irritate your dog.

Also always be present while they practice and don’t dress your dog’s feet if they have wet or injured paws.

Once they get the hang of things they’ll be ready for a walk in snow, ice, mud, and beyond!

“Tried the rest... these are the BEST! Where have these been all my life!? And why aren’t they available in every pet store!?! I cannot say enough about how amazing Walkee Paws are! My little pup has such a hard time on the snow and the salt. She literally comes limping up to me to be picked up. I’ve tried so many other booties that are either so tight that they are impossible to get on/off and they seem to hurt, and then there are the other ones that seem like they fit, but they come off mid walk, and if I don’t notice quick enough, they’re gone never to be seen again. 

When I stumbled across Walkee Paws, right away, I knew I just had to try them out - the design was just so ingenious! e have gone out to the forest when it was a bit muddy... got back to the car and slipped them off in about 5 seconds - no more dirt and mud on my seats!! This weekend we had a fresh dump of snow, so off to the woods again for a hike - Nala just looked so happy and care free as she ran around. Definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made. Please, please bring these to Canadian stores - you would be such a lifesaver to so many fur babies!!”

Wanda B

Putting Comfort First for Your Best Buddy 

Our dogs truly are our closest companions joining us on morning walks in the cold weather, snowy expeditions, and hot summer hikes.

However, some of these adventures include ice melt chemicals, hot surfaces, and frozen trails, which threaten paw protection. 

As pet parents, we know our dogs deserve the most comfortable dog boots and Walkee Paws are just that.

Walkee Paws are designed to be the most durable dog boots allowing you and your dog to brave any kind of weather. 

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