Molly (Maltese) is wearing sz XS.
Molly (Maltese) is wearing sz XS.
Molly (Maltese) is wearing sz XS.
Shazta (Shih Tzu) is wearing sz XS.
Simply adjust for a paw-fect fit.
Momo (Pom) is wearing sz XS.
Molly (Maltese) is wearing sz XS.
Teddy (Mini Doodle) is wearing sz S.
Bertie (Beagle) is wearing sz S.
Peony & Pickles (Poms) are wearing sz XS.
Willie (Cavapoo) is wearing sz XS.
Oliver (Cavalier) is wearing sz S.
Shazta (Shih Tzu) is wearing sz XS.
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Adjustable Fit Dog Boot Leggings

$44.99 USD

Rubber boots and drawstring leg openings

Color - Classic

Need a Medium or Large?
Click here to view our New Deluxe Boot Leggings

Are you tired of dog boots that are hard to get on and have a habit of falling off (plus are uncomfy for your furry friend)? Then you need the better bootie! Our Adjustable Fit Dog Boot Leggings feature 4 waterproof, rubber boots that connect to water-resistant leggings. Leggings suspend over your dog's back, and straps easily adjust to fit a range of dog heights and lengths within each size. Plus, drawstring leg openings fit all leg widths and tighten to keep rain and snow out.

Boots are tested to withstand cold down to -40°F and designed from stretchy rubber, allowing your pup to feel the ground while walking for a more natural sensation (unlike traditional thick-soled dog boots). They feature grippy dots for traction on slippery surfaces and provide ulti-mutt protection from winter woes, including icy sidewalks, harmful snowmelt chemicals and more.

Each pair comes with water-resistant leggings that provide extended leg coverage, keeping fur dry, clean, and free of mud & snowballs. Plus, our Adjustable Fit Boot Leggings are machine-washable for easy cleanup--just rinse booties under cold water or wash on gentle cycle.

Adjustable Fit Boot Leggings are available in sizes XS and S, and are ideal for smaller pups. Need a larger size? Click here to try our Deluxe Dog Boot Leggings that feature molded Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) boots for better durability for heavier hounds.

You and your furry friend will love our all-in-one dog boot leggings that are easy to put on and designed to stay put. In fact, we guarantee you'll never lose a dog boot again!
  • NEW tighter grip Over-the-back connectors to ensure you never lose a dog boot again! Allows you to customize the legging height on both front and back legs
  • NEW detachable elastic collar or harness connector for a stay-on fit.
  • Waterproof rubber dog rain boots with “grippies” for traction to prevent slipping and sliding on wet pavement or icy sidewalks
  • Water-resistant 4-way stretch legging fabric to protect legs, too (82% nylon, 18% spandex)
  • Cushioned back piece to provide more canine comfort and prevent fur from catching
  • Machine washable—just rinse boots after each walk or wash on gentle cycle and hang to dry.

Orders over $75 ship FREE
; $6.99 ground shipping for orders under $75.
Expedited shipping is available at checkout. 
Orders ship within 1-2 business days and should arrive within 3-7 business days. 
FREE exchanges. $6.99 return shipping.

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Orders are Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)
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$14.99 USD return shipping.

We also ship to 160 countries. For more shipping details, click here.


How soon can I get them?

Orders are usually processed within 1-2 business days and should arrive within 3-7 business days (US) or 4-10 business days (Canada). Expedited shipping is available at checkout, or you can get FREE 2-day shipping when you Buy With Prime! For full shipping details, click here

Why are there so few sizes?

Adjustable Fit Leggings are paw-fect for small dogs (over 5lbs), so are only available in sizes XS & S. They aren't ideal for dogs with large paws and short legs, such as Corgis and Dachshunds. Looking for a larger size? Try our Deluxe Boot Leggings, made with molded TPE rubber boots!

What's your return policy?

We're doggone certain you'll love our Deluxe Leggings, but if for any reason they don't work for your pup, we offer FREE US exchanges and 30-day returns. Click here for more details.

Can my dog wear Walkee Paws in the snow or rain?

Absolutely! Our leggings feature waterproof rubber boots and water-resistant legging fabric, and are made to keep your dog safe from dangerous snowmelt chemicals, rain, mud, burrs and hot pavement (withstands heat up to 302°F and cold down to -40°F). While traditional dog boots only protect your dog’s paws, Walkee Paws protect their legs, too, and keep snowballs from forming in their leg fur.

What if Adjustable Fit Boot Leggings don't fit?

Adjustable straps allow leggings to fit most heights and lengths. Click "Find Fido's Fit" at the top of the page by color choices, to see our Size Chart and search for recommendations by breed, or reach out to customer service for help. Adjustable Fit are available in XS & S as are ideal for tiny and small dogs (over 5 lbs.); not ideal for dogs with large paws and short legs like Corgis and Dachshunds.

What if my dog doesn't like them?

Your dog might take a few tries to get used to their Walkee Paws, but we guarantee they'll prefer our leggings to other dog boots. That's because our booties are made from flexible, stretchy rubber that allows them to feel the ground while walking.  All four leggings connect together over the back and they're loose around the ankles for canine comfort.

Will they stay on?

Yes! Our Adjustable Fit Boot Leggings come with elastic drawstring leg openings that easily adjust for the paw-fect fit and tightness.

Will they hurt my dog's back?

Nope! Our vet-endorsed dog leggings feature 4-way stretch spandex fabric that moves with your dog, and the cushioned neoprene back piece provides extra comfort.

Are they hard to use? 

Not at all. Just place leggings over your dog's back with the black toggle adjuster resting on the shoulder blades and the heart connect pointing towards your dog's tail.

The legging sleeve acts like a sling, allowing you to easily slip each paw in. Once you've adjusted for the paw-fect fit the first time, you won't have to readjust with each wear.

How long will they last?

Adjustable Fit Leggings are durable and long-lasting when used for leisurely, on-leash walks; they are not intended for off-leash walks, running, or on ruff terrain like hiking trails. You can extend their durability by keeping your dog's nails clipped short and filed, and by rotating with a second pair (one to wear, one to wash!). We also have a 3-month HAPPY PAWS GUARANTEE. If you have any issues within 90 days, contact Customer Service for a free set of rubber repair patches.

The Better Bootie


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