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ADJUSTABLE FIT Boot Leggings with drawstring leg openings - Sizes XS and S

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Color - Classic


"They're comfortable and fit like a glove. These are the only boots I'll let my pup zoomie around in during the winter. No more worrying about snowballs or paw pads getting too cold!"

- Tara M.

Our Adjustable Fit Leggings are made with elastic drawstring leg openings that allow you to easily adjust for the paw-fect fit and tightness. Plus, they do the trick for all four seasons—just tighten to prevent rain or snow from entering in winter, or loosen for better airflow during the dog days of summer.

Other fetching features include:
  • Over-the-back connectors to ensure you never lose a dog boot again! Allows you to customize the legging height on both front and back legs
  • Waterproof rubber boots with “grippies” for traction to prevent slipping and sliding on wet pavement or icy sidewalks
  • Water-resistant 4-way stretch legging fabric to protect legs, too
  • Cushioned back piece to provide more canine comfort and prevent fur from catching

Walkee Paws dog leggings protect your pup from all the ruff stuff outside, including dangerous snowmelt chemicals, rain, mud, burrs and hot pavement (withstands heat up to 302° F and cold down to -40°F). Plus, they keep your home free of dirt and germs!



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      HOW TO FIT

      The Better Bootie

      Designed to Stay On

      With traditional dog shoes and paw covers, it’s almost impossible to go for a walk without losing one (or all!) of the booties. But because Walkee Paws dog leggings connect over the back, all four boots are attached to one another, so you’ll never lose a dog boot again!

      Canine Comfort

      Other traditional dog boots are tight and can cut off blood flow. Walkee Paws four-way stretch dog boot leggings suspend over your dog’s back, so there’s no squeezing around the ankles.

      Protect Paws & Legs too!

      Most dog shoes only protect your pooch’s paws. But our dog leggings cover their legs too, keeping them dry in rain and snow, free from dirt and germs, and protected from chemicals and allergens.

      The Reviews Are In