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Orthopedic Dog Shoes

Orthopedic Dog Shoes

Orthopedic Dog Shoes

All About Orthopedic Dog Shoes

If your vet suggested orthopedic dog shoes for your pet, you probably have a lot of questions about exactly what you need.

Looking up the term online gives you millions of options. The type of shoes your dog needs depends on the problem they're having. Veterinarians can suggest the main features you should look for, but there are a few important things to keep in mind as you shop.

What is an Orthopedic Dog Shoe For?

As with humans, dogs can suffer from a variety of problems in their legs and feet. These are "orthopedic" issues and, depending on the malady, may be improved or aided with a special type of shoe.

Every orthopedic shoe is designed to offer extra support for the dog's feet. However, certain conditions, like degenerative myelopathy, for example, will need even more features to prevent further injury.

Pet boots and shoes are beneficial as a preventative measure for dogs to wear during their daily walk. But before you buy a pair for Fido, let's look at the different reasons veterinarians recommend orthopedic dog boots and what features are available.

Aging or Disabled Dogs and Their Health Conditions

We all know that there are some breeds of canines that seem to be resistant to health problems. Golden retrievers and German shepherds come to mind as the kind of dogs that play first and think about it later.

Every dog, no matter the breed, gets older and is susceptible to arthritic paws and other conditions. You love your pet, so you want to make sure they age gracefully and comfortably. Walkee Paw's indoor leggings are specifically designed to help your aging pup keep their independence. They provide the extra support needed to get up and moving on their own.


Dog's Paw

Shoes Help Your Aging or Disabled Dog's Paws

Disabled and aging dogs who have severe cases of arthritis and hip dysplasia, as an example, still want to go for their walks.

Exercise is essential for your pup, even if they're disabled or elderly. In the summer and winter, especially, they'll need extra support and protection.

When a dog is in pain, you'll see it in behaviors such as dragging paws and unusual gait. Their tender feet make it difficult for them to walk on rough surfaces, and gaining traction on smooth areas is hard, too.

Comfortable shoes to protect each foot helps your dog stand when they can't do it on their own. A boot that's the right size will provide traction that keeps your pup upright for extended periods.

Size does matter, so measure your dog's foot from the tip to the end of the paw before you purchase their shoes.

Injured Dogs Need Help to Heal

Does your dog have a broken leg or other orthopedic injuries? Orthopedic dog boots offer the protection they need to heal faster.

Your pup is used to walking the same way they always did. When they're in a cast or in pain, the right pet boots protect their sensitive paws.

treating Dog

Keep Fido Safe From Further Damage

It's going to take a while for Fido to get used to walking in a cast or with a dog shoe. You'll probably feel sorry for them, but it's the best thing you can do.

When your dog doesn't have their paw to keep them stable, slippery floors, snow, and a piece of paper on the ground are deadly obstacles. Protecting your pup is your role. The cast your vet provided is probably not water-resistant and may not go up over the whole leg. Extra accessories can help protect your injured dog.

Cold and hot weather is already hard on your dog's paws. A boot that goes up over the whole leg and covers the cast, like those by Walkee Paws, offers water-resistant coverage and extra stability. These accessories give your dog's paw and leg overall protection from snow, ice, and heat.

Non-slip dog boots are the must-have accessory for an injured dog. Talk to your veterinarian before you let your pup wear anything on walks to make sure you have the right shoes.

Dog Boots as a Preventative Measure

Your furry family member doesn't have to be injured or aging to benefit from dog boots, though. In fact, using protection like shoes can prevent paw injuries.

Dog in a boots

Boots for Anyone With Fur

Aging pets aren't the only ones in danger from slippery floors. Puppies and healthy adult dogs can slide across those floors easily! For better traction, use non-slip carpets and cover your dog's feet with indoor shoes.

This is especially crucial if your pup is prone to conditions like degenerative myelopathy. The more they slip when they're walking, the better the chance of arthritis and other health conditions.

Watch for signs of early orthopedic problems. Does your dog drag their legs or foot? Do they have tender toes or act as though their paw hurts for seemingly no reason? If the answer is yes to any of these, boots that cover their paws are the first preventative step.

Dog Boots for Every Problem

As you look for the dog boots that your pup will wear, watch for these key features:

  • Make sure you measure your pup's paws first to get the right size. "Eyeballing" and "guesstimating" can be dangerous, since a loose or tight shoe can create more problems for your pets.
  • Get two sets of non-slip shoes or boots: one for indoors and one for outside walks. Unless your entire floor is carpet, your pup can slip. In fact, even on carpet, paws can slide on paper and other obstacles.
  • If Fido has problems like dragging paws, be sure the boots you buy are specially made for that condition.
  • Consider the climate you are in. Boots for cold, winter weather with snow and ice will be different than what covers each paw in the hot summer. If you have pets that play outside, the boots must be designed for protecting their paws and legs during that season.
Dog's boots

From our indoor leggings to our waterproof outdoor leggings, Walkee Paws is designed to protect your pup! The customizable fit will keep your pet comfortable and safe - without the constant hassle of keeping the covers on like with other dog booties. Walkee Paws protects from the invisible like germs + chemicals, and obvious hazards like hot pavement.

It's always a good idea to get your pets some dog boots. When it comes to our little ones, you can't be too careful! A canine's paws are their lifeline. You can help them feel loved and safe with a few accessories for their paws.

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