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Dog and Owner Halloween Costumes

Dog and Owner Halloween Costumes

Dog and Owner Halloween Costumes

7 Matching Dog and Owner Costumes Perfect for Howl-oween

Halloween is just around the corner, which means that it's time to start thinking about what matching costumes you're going to wear with your canine companion. If your dog isn't sure what he wants to be this year, then take a look at these 7 Halloween costume ideas! 

A dog in a cute costume can be a lot of fun, but it's important to make sure you're following a few guidelines when dressing your pup for Halloween night.

  • What will the costume fit? 
  • Is your dog going to be able to move easily in the costume all night long? 
  • What kind of material is it made out of? 
  • Does your dog have any allergies or sensitivities? 

Matching dog and owner Halloween costumes are probably just what you need to end the year. No matter if your holiday consists of scary movies on the couch or hitting the streets for tricks and treats, these costumes are guaranteed to make you stand out.

All these costumes incorporate your pup wearing Walkee Paws Dog Leggings that not only look super cool but also protect your dog's paws and your home from all the ruff stuff outside. Made with waterproof rubber soles and stretchy spandex fabric these leggings are designed to be “the better dog boot” and will keep your canine companion protected long after Halloween is over 


work from home

Work From Home

Owner Costume: Not ready to leave the work-from-home lifestyle? This costume might not be different from your day-to-day. With a button-down top and a pair of sweatpants… everyone will relate. 

Dog Costume: With this fit, your pup is ready to take your pet to workday. Who knew your dog could look this dapper? Pair a comfy stretch tie with our leggings and fido will be ready to take his walks from the neighborhood streets to Wall-street. This clever costume is perfect for the pet who needs to live up to his name. 

dog's lake

Dog’s Lake

Owner Costume: Graceful might not be in your (or your dog’s) vocabulary, but with this dancer costume, we can pretend. Pair ballet flats, a bodysuit, and a pink tutu. You and your dog will be ready to dance the night away.

Dog Costume: For another cozy costume that will keep your pet comfortable all night, pair a tutu with our "ballet leggings." This Ballerina Pup Costume will have your dog prancing around enjoying the party in no time. 

pirate crew

Pirate Crew

Owner Costume: A pirate costume might be the easiest to throw together. Ruff up a white button-down + layer all the jewelry you can muster up. 

Dog Costume: Pair a pirate hat with our skull leggings, and your sidekick will be ready to look for buried treasure. This cute Pirate Pup Costume will have your pet stealing candy at the party left and right.

at ease

At Ease

Owner Costume: Brown boots, camo pants, and a white t-shirt will have you ready for basic training.

Dog Costume: By adding a simple hat to our camo leggings, your pup will be prepared to be your second in command. This Camo Pup Costume will have your dog blending into the party in no time.

ready to rock

Ready to Rock

Owner Costume: Some funky glasses, a bright wig, and skinny jeans will have you looking like you’re ready to rock the night away.

Dog Costume: If you’re willing to get crafty this Halloween season, pick up some pet-safe dye from your local pet store. A matching mohawk and tail paired with our skull leggings will have your pup looking like the star of the show. Tip: pair this look with a plush microphone or a pair of glasses to really look like a star.
men in black

Men in Black

Owner Costume:  While black sunglasses and a black suit might be our simplest costume, no one will have trouble guessing who you are. 

Dog Costume: No better partner than man’s best friend to help tackle the world’s alien problem. With a tie and a pair of glasses, your pup will be ready for duty. (Bonus: some of the accessories can be recycled in our work from home costume!)

treat and tricks
Trick or TREATs

Owner Costume: Grab a chef’s hat, a white apron, and a whisk to whip up this costume. You’ll look like a pro-baker + your companion will seal the deal.

Dog Costume: A costume as sweet as your dog! For all those dessert lovers (your pup included). With our confetti leggings, all you need is a fun hat from your local costume to complete your Halloween look!

Trick-or-Treat Tips:

These cute matching dogs and owner costumes may secure a win in a costume contest, but you still need to plan for Halloween night. If you’re thinking of pairing up with your canine best friend in the spooky festivities this year, here are some trick-or-treat etiquette you should keep in mind.

Plan your Howl-oween Route

Your trick-or-treat route should be long enough for everyone to have fun, but short enough that you don’t exhaust your kids or your dog.


Encounters along the way

Even friendly and calm pets can become scared or anxious, especially if you are knocking on strangers’ doors. Your hosts might have a dog that’s not thrilled to find a strange animal—even one dressed as a bumblebee or a cute ballerina—on his porch. So be respectful, and if necessary, wait with your pet at the curb, while your kids collect their sweets.

Don't forget the Necessities

Be sure to bring water for your buddy! Also, bring along some dog treats let'em have a yummy snack. Since any walk means “time to do your business” for dogs, don’t forget a cleanup bag.

Costume Check

Get the right size! While our Walkee Paws leggings are adjustable to find the perfect fit, add-on accessories should be measured to make sure they’re comfortable enough for a night of fun. Your fur-baby should be able to breathe and see easily, he should have full mobility of all his limbs, and the costume should be able to accommodate potty breaks.

Treat Safety

NO to Chocolates! Be sure your pet doesn’t have access to the sweets you plan to hand out or the ones you bring home. A homemade dog treat or his favorite chew toy should resolve any FOMO (feelings of missing out) that your buddy might experience.