Congrats on purchasing our best bootie ever! Here are a few tricks for getting started:

Worried the boots on your pup’s Deluxe leggings are too small? 

Because they’re contoured to your dog’s paw and feature Spanx-like, 4-way stretch material, they’re designed to fit snugly. Try ‘em on your pup for proof—you may be surprised at how paw-fectly they fit!

Size XST off (looks too small) 

Size XST on (fits paw-fectly!)

A few more tips: 

Each bootie has a Right, Left or Back (R/L/B) label on the outward-facing side. This way, you know exactly which legging to slip on each paw for the correct fit and comfort. We suggest locating the right front boot before placing the leggings over your pup’s back to make sure all leggings go on the correct leg. Front legging seams should face one another on the inside of your dog’s front legs, while back legging seams will face backward. To avoid any accidents with your pup’s sensitive dewclaws, please make sure to cover up dewclaws with your hand as you gently guide their paw into the legging. Once you’ve adjusted the legging loops to suit your dog’s height the first time, you won’t need to readjust with each wear.

First time using Walkee Paws?

While some dogs think Walkee Paws are a treat from the start, others may freeze and refuse to walk at first or do a funny, high-step dance. Just attach your leash, give ‘em a treat and head out for a stroll—your pup will forget he’s even wearing them in no time!

Questions or Concerns?

We’d love to help you find the right fit for your pup! Click below to call, text or email us, or request a quick Zoom call with one of our fit specialists.

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Love your new leggings? Get a second pair for 15% off—so your pup always has a pair to wear when the other’s in the wash! Use code: SPAREPAIR15 at checkout