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How To Fit Your New Deluxe Leggings

Congrats on purchasing our best bootie ever! Watch the video and read the tips below to get the paw-fect fit.

Worried the boots are too small? Try them on first--you'll be surprised how well they fit!



Please note - your dog will most likely freeze or do a funny high-step walk the first time he tries Walkee Paws. He may look uncomfortable, and you will be tempted to remove them and say he doesn't like them.

We strongly suggest getting him walking on a leash with a treat, and you will see he soon walks normally and forgets he is wearing them.

The first try might be a little ruff to get the hang of, but we're here for you!

If you're experiencing any issues, Please connect with our support team.
**We'll make sure your Walkee Paws slide on as easy as 1-2-3.

A Few More Tips

Booties are labeled Right (R), Left (L) or Back (B) on the outward-facing side so you know which legging goes on each paw. We suggest locating the right front boot before placing leggings over your pup's back to make sure they all go on the correct leg.

Cover up dewclaws with your hand while gently guiding paw into the legging.

Once legging loops are adjusted the first time, you won't need to readjust with each wear.

Give boots a more snug/secure fit.

NEW - Elastic Velcro Boot Straps

We found that some dogs need these to ensure boots stay put.

Sizes M and L include Velcro Straps on back boots.

You can purchase additional sets for just $4.99

Buy a set of velcro straps for $4.99

Don't worry if your dog freezes or does a funny walk at first!

Some pups take a few minutes to adjust to the sensation of wearing Walkee Paws; they may refuse to walk or do a funny little dance we call the Walkee Waddle. But in no time, they'll get used to their new leggings and start doing the Walkee Wag (watch the video below to see what we mean!). Tip: Use treats and a gentle tug on the leash to get them walking.

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