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7 Super Cool and Essential Dog Walking Accessories to Up Your Strolls and Protect your Pup

7 Super Cool and Essential Dog Walking Accessories to Up Your Strolls and Protect your Pup

7 Super Cool and Essential Dog Walking Accessories to Up Your Strolls and Protect your Pup

Dogs love going for walks! Whether it’s a hike or a short jog around the neighborhood, it’s important to be prepared. You wouldn’t go on a walk yourself without your keys or wallet. While your dog likely doesn’t have to worry about such things, there are a few necessary dog walking accessories. 

Making sure your dog is outfitted in the proper gear is crucial if you want to keep your dog safe while out and about. Since adults are so much taller than dogs, we often don’t see or realize the dangers lurking down near the ground. 

Walking a Dog Can Be a Dangerous Adventure! 

When walking a dog, you may think the greatest danger is another dog or wild animal. But the grass, ground, and environment can contain many hidden dangers. For example, some plants can be toxic to dogs. Or burrs from burdock can get tangled in your dog's fur. While most likely not life-threatening, such dangers are a pain - for owner and dog - to remove! 

In the warmer months, the cement pavement can reach temperatures that will burn your dog’s paws. Not to mention, they can become dehydrated even in the colder months. Knowing the right accessories for dog walking can keep your dog safe and healthy. 

7 Essentials Accessories For Dog Walking

What are some necessary tools for a dog walker to carry with them on their walks?

You don’t have to bring a ton of cumbersome supplies, but there are some must-have essentials when walking a dog. If you don’t have these items, add them to your list the next time you go to the pet store! 

  1. Dog Harness

Even if your dog is well-trained at recall, they should still have a collar or some way to keep them tethered to you. Many dog owners prefer harnesses over collars. For small dogs, collars around the neck can cause trachea injuries. 

  1. Coat or Sweater 

Some people think that because dogs have fur, they don’t get cold. That’s completely false. Depending on the dog breed, their coats cannot withstand cold or provide relief from the heat. If you’re bundling up, then your dog needs protection from the elements, too! 

  1. Waste Bags

A responsible dog owner picks up after their dog. This includes eliminations, particularly if your dog decides to poop on someone’s lawn, as dogs are wont to do. 

  1. Dog Fanny Pack

Good news - YOU don’t have to carry all of your pup’s essentials! There are dog walking fanny packs or backpacks for your dog to wear, allowing them to bring their own supplies. In fact, many dogs love having a ‘job’ and the sense of purpose the fanny pack gives them. 

  1. Collapsible Water Dish

Dogs need to hydrate on walks, too. A collapsible water dish makes it easier to carry and quickly fill. 

  1. Leash

You will need a strong leash to attach to the harness. It’s always best to have your dog leashed, even in areas without leash laws. 

  1. Paw Protection

The paw is one of the most sensitive areas on a dog’s body. Your dog can accidentally step on anything from broken glass to sharp leaves while on a walk. Chemicals like antifreeze and snowmelt salt can be dangerous if ingested by dogs licking their paws post-walk. Paw protection, such as Walkee Paws leggings, can help keep your dog’s paws safe from hidden dangers. 

Walking a dog is one responsibility that comes with owning canine pets. The right dog walking accessories can make the walk easier on you and your pup!