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Walkee Paws as Seen on Shark Tank

Walkee Paws as Seen on Shark Tank

Walkee Paws as Seen on Shark Tank

The Episode

Shark Tank is an Emmy Award-winning entrepreneurial reality TV show. Innovators and business owners have the opportunity to pitch their product to a panel of investors with the goal of getting funding for a stake in their company.

Premiering on Friday, 2/26/21, New York City entrepreneur Lisa Baronoff presents Walkee Paws, dog leggings designed to protect your pooch.

A full recap will be available once the episode airs.



The World’s First Dog Leggings

Walkee Paws launched in 2018 as a solution to “protect your pooch from all the ruff stuff outside.” This stylish and comfortable alternative to dog boots prevents tracking in germs from daily walks, all while protecting your dog from rain, snow, dangerous chemicals and hot pavement. 


Walkee Paws are the world’s first dog leggings designed to be a "better bootie.” They’re easy on and stay on thanks to a  clever patented over-the-back design. Each pair features four-way stretch fabric for the ultimate canine comfort, plus waterproof rubber soles to protect your pooch from all the ruff stuff outside.


Walkee Paws come in a variety of prints to suit your pup's personality, allowing them to blend in with neutrals like black and cocoa (to match fur color) or stand out in fun fashionable patterns like Camo and confetti.


What makes Walkee Paws different:

  • stretchy and less restrictive than traditional dog booties 

  • Easy to get on

  • Stay on due to over-the-back fit

  • Comfy for your pup as they don't rely on being tight around the ankle to stay on

  • Customizable fit to ensure maximum comfort

  • machine washable 

The material is water-resistant and lightweight while strong enough to combat water, snow, and wear that comes with daily walks. The boots are 100% waterproof and made from natural rubber, free of dangerous phthalates, dogs can feel the ground and walk normally.

Our Best Sellers

There are Walkee Paws for every size and occasion. Pair our one-of-a-kind dog leggings with accessories, patterned leashes and matching coats, or get yourself a matching mask. Our designs will keep your pet safe + comfortable for everyday adventures.

  • Outdoor leggings

    • Our most popular leggings protect your pooch from snow, rain and hot pavement and stop germs from being tracked inside your house. You’ll want to grab our new adjustable fit on pre-order before they sell out again.

  • Indoor leggings

    • Designed to help any pup with mobility needs to prevent slipping on floors. They provide the comfort and support to help your pup get a grip! Just like our outdoor leggings, they’re easy to get on and stay on.

  • Reversible Harness

    • Our  2-in-1 patterned harnesses pair with leggings perfectly while being comfy & cozy for every walk. They’re designed to seamlessly fit over both leggings with a D ring attachment to make sure it stays on.
  • *NEW* Doggie and Me products
    • Match your pup with our Masks available in our Classic Patterns
    • Show you pup the love with our New matching ladies leggings in our heart pattern. We are sold out but working hard to make more

Make sure to tune into the episode at 8PM EST to see how Walkee Paws does on Shark Tank.

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