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The Best Alternatives to Dog Cones

The Best Alternatives to Dog Cones

The Best Alternatives to Dog Cones

Ahhhh, the controversial dog cone, also known as “the dreaded cone of shame.” It’s a necessary evil in the eyes of many pet owners. But is it the only option you have?
Dog cones are used after medical procedures to prevent any pulling at stitches or other damage to the surgical site. Most dogs will wear them at some time over the course of their lives. But the big, bulky plastic cone makes pets and their owners miserable.
The main reasons dogs have to use a cone are:
  • spaying or neutering surgery
  • had an injury that needs to heal
  • to prevent further irritation from an allergic reaction
Although these cones are necessary for your pup’s health, they’re never fun.
Watching your dog try to navigate daily activities with a cone over its shoulders is a hard thing to do as a puppy parent. It’s more difficult for them, walking into walls, trying to eat and drink, add up to a long list of struggles.
Taking off the cone means chancing a dangerous consequence - But it's not your only option!
Now, there are many alternatives to the dog cone of shame that keep your pup safe and let them move around. If your vet recommends a dog cone, consider these options first.

Why Dog Cones Are Necessary

We can all agree that it’s crucial to protect your pup after an injury or surgery. They don’t understand the problems that can come from their wound-licking instincts.
When a dog has an injury, their first reaction is to want to lick the area. Constant moisture is setting the stage for bacteria to breed and can result in an infection. A dog collar after surgery is a deterrent to keep this from happening.
Another potential consequence is that the animal will pull at the wound. Yanking at stitches is dangerous, and your dog needs something to prevent this to protect him or her.
A plastic cone has been the traditional means of creating a barrier during healing. But it’s also a burden on your pup.

The Top Recommended Cone Alternatives for Dogs

If your goal is to learn how to keep a dog from licking stitches without a cone, these dog cone alternatives are exactly what you’re looking for!

The ProCollar Premium Protective Collar 

Inflatable pillows are trending for humans today, so why not use them for your pup? The ProCollar Premium Protective Collar works similarly to the pillows you use when you fly on a plane. The pillow comes in many neck sizes, from x-small to xx-large.

Walkee Paws Leggings 

If you are looking for an alternative to protect a leg injury, Walkee Paws leggings are the answer.
These dog booties/leggings protect your pup’s paw or leg wound from the elements when they’re outside. The paws are waterproof and natural rubber. Your dog will be able to walk normally and be protected from the pavement and dirt.
The dog paw also has rubber grippies to keep the traction when they might otherwise not be so steady. Older dogs often slip inside. When your pup has an injury, it can't walk well. The extra traction helps prevent another injury or damage to the current one.
Because the leggings secure over the pet’s back, it protects the paw and the legs without falling off. Each leg connects together over the top, preventing your pup from chewing their way free.
The leggings are designed to be comfortable for your pup and easy for you to take off and put on. This is important after an injury or surgery when you don’t want to add stress to your pup.
If you are looking for a solution for indoor comfort, check out Indoor Walkee Paws for traction and a super comfy indoor solution.

IDOMIK Recovery Suit 

For another alternative to the “cone of shame,” try the IDOMIK Recovery Suit. This product is perfect for dogs who had surgery, particularly in the abdominal area.
After those types of surgeries, you definitely need a dog collar to prevent licking, or at least something to cover the area! The IDOMIK Recovery Suit is for animals who have been neutered, or have wounds in the abdominal or back area.
The material is breathable cotton and polyester. The mixture of the fabrics make it snug on your pup but not tight. It’s easy to wash and dries fast, coming in sizes from XS to 2XL.
With the Recovery Shirt, your pup can sleep, eat, drink, and walk like normal, without being able to lick or dig at the wound. Licking and scratching are a thing of the past with this cone alternative for dogs.

The BiteNot Collar 

As the name implies, this dog cone alternative keeps your dog from biting. It’s a good option for animals who have injuries or wounds in their upper extremities. The flexible plastic and foam brace lets your pup get access to their tail and paws.
The collar is very unobtrusive. The wearer can perform their daily activities, sleep, and stay comfortable in general. The fabric is easily washable in a washing machine.
The BiteNot Collar works in a harness style. It limits your pup’s reach in the abdominal areas, making it difficult for them to access any wound or injured area. However, if the problem is in the ears or eyes, this collar won’t protect them.

The Boobooloon Inflatable Collar

It's as fun for pets to wear as it is for humans to say. The Boobooloon (read: Boo-boo-loon) is an inflatable collar that prevents pups from irritating their injuries. At the same time, the collar doesn’t get in the way of your pup’s peripheral vision and isn’t uncomfortable.
When it’s not in use, the Boobooloon can be deflated and stored in small spaces. But when you inflate it, it’s lightweight and easy to attach around your pup’s neck. It comes in five sizes, and the detach/attach durable PVC enclosure makes it convenient to take off and put on.
However, the inflated product lets your pet’s face have more freedom, so they may be able to get to some lower extremity wounds. If you have an aggressive pet or they have sharp nails, your pup could pop the cone. There’s a patch kit that comes with it just in case this happens. Never inflate the Boobooloon fully to prevent suffocation.

You’re the Best Expert on Your Dog

As you’re trying to decide which cone alternative is better for your pup, remember to trust your judgment. There are lots of products that will claim to be the best option. Ultimately, you know your dog best.
If you’re concerned that your pup will tear a cone off or destroy it, look for durable, comfortable choices. The Walkee Paws leggings would be a good choice because they let your dog behave naturally. They are easy to adapt to (unlike a restrictive cone) and are less likely to bite and chew on them.
You’re already making the first step to help your dog recover by avoiding the plastic dog cone. The collar might be “typically” used, but your pup will be miserable wearing it, and you’ll be sad watching them.
When you’re ready to find an alternative to the dog cone of shame, try these five products out first. Even better, use Walkee Paws for worry-free outdoor walks and prevent paw injuries from hot pavement, broken glass, allergens, or toxins
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