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Walkee Paws gets Featured on Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family"

Walkee Paws gets Featured on Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family"

Walkee Paws gets Featured on Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family"

We got featured on Hallmark Channel’s TV show, Home & Family, as Larissa Wohl’s favorite gear for rainy days! It is always gratifying to see our Walkee Paws leggings get the attention they deserve as the ultimate solution to protect your pup’s paws from rain and snow.

The episode aired on Tuesday, October 20th. We love and appreciate the show’s resident pet rescue expert Larissa Wohl for putting her trust in our unique dog leggings. 

“Dogs hate to get their paws wet, so these (Walkee Paws) are amazing!” - Larissa Wohl

About Home & Family in Hallmark Channel

Home & Family is a 2-time Emmy Nominated variety show airing on Hallmark Channel from Monday to Friday at 9 in the morning. It is hosted by Debbie Matenopoulos and Mark Steines. The show focuses on everything regarding the home, including crafts, lifestyle, parenting tips, home improvements, and much more. 

Despite tapping into so many topics at once, the show never stops being entertaining. There is such a wide variety of segments that keep the audience’s attention.

The Episode

In this episode (S9 E27), the show featured a section for dog parents on preparing them for the winter. In this section, pet expert Larissa Wohl brought in some products to help pet parents get their pup ready for the rain. 

“If you’re a pet parent, you know this scenario all too well. It’s time to walk the dog...and then it starts raining cats and dogs. So, how do you keep your dog happy in wet weather?” cohost Debbie starts before introducing Larissa with the “solution and to help us all.”

Larissa then proceeds to present Walkee Paws as a great accessory to protect your dog’s paws in inclement weather. She describes how wonderful our leggings are as they are not only practical “booties” but also fun-looking and convenient.

We were able to see Snickers, one of her foster dogs, modeling our Confetti Walkee Paws. Snickers was super comfortable and happy in them and looked like he was jumping for joy.

“(He) loves them. Look at him showing them off. He is a big fan!” Larissa pointed out as the video of Snickers truly enjoying his cute leggings was playing. 

“Look at how happy he is! He just jumps for joy.”

Who is Larissa Wohl?

If there is someone passionate about animals and advocates for them vehemently, this is Larissa Wohl. She is a lively journalist with an engaging and energetic personality. 

She has years of experience working with shelter animals and is currently fostering several animals. Larissa joined Home & Family in 2016 for season 5 of the show before working for several Arizona and California networks. She is now living in her hometown in Los Angeles and is also the proud owner of two rescue dogs, Muppet and Maple. 

Her website is dedicated to pet rescue, adoption, media, and products that she loves, one of which, of course, is Walkee Paws! 

Walkee Paws is the Best Solution to Protect Your Dog’s Paws on Wet and Snowy Days.

“The rubber grip is very durable, so it’s not only for water but for snow, for germs, for any debris that’s on the road. It’s stretchy. It’s really comfortable for the dog, and it’s available in different sizes.”

Larissa concludes with sound advice for new users of Walkee Paws:

“Walking is kind of funny at the very beginning. If your dog is not used to wearing something like this, you want to get them used now before it starts raining …”