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The Best Dog Christmas Gifts

The Best Dog Christmas Gifts

The Best Dog Christmas Gifts

Whether you made Santa’s naughty or nice list remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Your pup is on the good side!

If there was ever a more loyal and loving companion, you’d be surprised. Your Fido (or Fifi) is the best doggo in the world, as far as you’re concerned, and they deserve to be spoiled and pampered at Christmas.

Want to show your furry family member how much they mean to you? Get them one (or all) of these top dog Christmas gifts this year!

The Top 10 Gifts Fido Wants to Ask Santa For This Christmas

1. More Treats

Let’s face it. We all want treats, even our dogs. In fact, your dog probably gets the most excited at treat time.

But when you’re gone all day, you can still let Fido know he’s a good boy and give him treats. Try an app treat launcher!

It’s a WiFi-enabled machine that lets you set a timer to dispense treat. The one-way audio system gives you plenty of time to record yourself talking to your pup. They’ll hear your voice, and a treat will be launched their way.

What’s better is the camera that snaps a shot of your pup at treat time! You’ll get to see how excited they get when they know it’s time for a treat, even if you’re not home!

2. Stylish Clothes 

We all want to see our doggies looking cute and cuddly in the warm Christmas sweaters that are everywhere this time of year. But you know when you put them on Fido, he makes no bones about the fact that he hates it!

Yes, dogs have fashion sense, too. Let your pup strut their stuff in some cute canine clothes. There are plenty of adorable yet hip designs on the market!

3. A Comfy Bed (for when I’m not stealing yours)

Every pup needs a place to call their own, whether they sleep in their own bed or not. Fifi’s favorite thing to do is to be near you, especially if you’re dealing with an anxiety-ridden dog.

For Christmas, why not splurge and get your loyal companion a calming bed? They’re some of the most comfortable dog beds around, and they help ease separation anxiety and nervousness.

Soft, warm, and just right for burrowing, the calming bed uses a special scent technology to relax Fifi. She’ll love to hang out near you in her new resting area, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing she’s not stressing when you’re gone.

4. Bones, Bones, and More Bones

There’s something about bones and dogs that probably goes back to prehistoric times. Whatever the reason for it, dogs love to chew and bury bones. Your pup probably has a pile, but they always want more.

If you don’t want to chance Fido choking or deal with slimy bones, try a freezable bone instead! These are canvas toys that you freeze. They act as teethers for puppies and are heavy-duty to resist adult chewing.

The perfect toy for a hot day, Chilly Bones combine two of your pup’s favorite things: bones and squeaking! Best of all, they’re cheap enough so you can keep a bunch in your freezer if you have a really persistent dog who wants to get at that squeaker.

5. One of Those Cool Bandana Things 

Sweaters are okay when it’s cold outside, but what if you want to dress your pup up the rest of the year? How about a cool bandana?

There is massive selection of bandanas for dogs of every style, from classy and sophisticated to downhome rustic. Bandana accessories can be the perfect add on to your pup's stylish Walkee Paws!


6. Something to Cover My Paws!

You really love your dog, and you don’t want them to get hurt. But you might not have realized how sensitive their paw pads are. Every time you take Fifi outside for her walk, she chances stepping on something sharp or getting stung.

It’s even worse during summer and winter. The extreme temperatures are hard on our feet, and your pup’s paws feel the pain, too. They’re just too excited to be with you to complain.

You can protect Fifi’s delicate paws in style with boots from Walkee Paws. It might take her a few tries before she gets used to them, but she’ll learn fast how much better her paws feel in her stylish boots! 

7. Balls, Of Course

Next to bones, or maybe at the same level, comes balls as a favorite thing for dogs. When you’re not home, or you’re tired of throwing the ball for the 80 zillionth time (and getting slobber all over you, use an Interactive Tennis Ball launcher!

The machine holds standard tennis balls and launches them 10, 25, or 40 feet (you choose). Your pup brings the ball back to the machine, and the fun begins again!


Dogs love cookies, but there are dozens of reasons why we can’t feed human treats to canines. Allergies, sugar, obesity, and more are concerns with people food. Luckily, there are brands like Claudia’s Canine Bakery to cater to our four-legged family members!

The dog cookies come in multiple flavor options, like peanut butter and vanilla. Don’t feel guilty giving Fido treats for extra good behavior (within reason) when you have biscuits designed for dogs.

9. Stuffed Toys 

We get it. Why would you possibly want to buy your dog yet another stuffed toy just for them to tear the stuffing out of it the first day?

That’s why getting a monthly subscription to Super Chewer can save you money and give Fifi plenty of stuffing to chew on. 

The boxes include two tough toys that are always stuffing-free, two bags of treats (customizable for allergies and preferences), and two all-natural meaty chews. Worth it! (Fido agrees.)

10. My Own Framed Portrait 

You’ve been telling your dog they’re the best puppy in the whole wide world, and now they want you to prove it. And you can do this by having a custom-framed portrait made with Fifi’s face on royalty!

Crown & Paw is a company that caters to pets (and their owners). You choose the costume you want your pup to be immortalized in, upload your favorite picture of them, and the designers create the “paw-fect” portrait!

What better way to tell Fifi that you love her and that she really is a princess?

Put Your Dog on the Nice List, And You’ll Be There, Too

Your dog already thinks that you’re the most amazing person in the world. When you wrap a few of these toys under the Christmas tree for Fifi or Fido, you’ll cement your place on the nice list for Santa, too.