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Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

‘Tis the season to be giving generously to those we love, including the dog lovers on your Christmas list. Luckily for you, these are some of the easiest people to shop for because they love anything dog-related!

But we get it—you won’t want to get them just any old thing with a dog image on it. You want it to be meaningful, appreciated, and useful. 

Never fear! We’ve put together a list of the top seven Christmas gifts for dog lovers this year. Any dog aficionado will be happy to have whatever you wrap up for them from this guide!

Top 7 Christmas Gifts for People Who Love Dogs

1. Custom Dog Blanket

Chances are, wherever a dog owner’s lap is, the dog isn’t far behind. Still, snuggling with a custom-made blanket with your favorite picture of your furry family member is the next best thing.

To surprise a dog lover with this gift, ask them what their favorite picture of their pup is. Then, upload that picture to a company that creates personalized items, and choose the options you want. Just be sure to order early so there’s plenty of time for the company to get the personalization done and ship the gift in time for delivery!

2. Christmas Dog Ornaments

Did someone you know add a new dog to their family this year? How about a “Fido’s First Christmas” ornament? 

Or your loved one has pups that are part of their family, and they’d love an ornament with everyone’s name engraved on it. 

Christmas dog ornaments are a winner for every dog owner who decorates for the holiday.

3. Dog Treat Maker 

Every pup loves treats, but it’s hard to tell which storebought brands are safe and which might get recalled as soon as you start using them. To play it safe, many dog owners prefer to make their own treats. 

With a dog treat maker, this task is easy and healthy. Give your friend the peace of mind of knowing their furry family member is getting the best treats possible.

4. Matching Human and Doggie Outfits

Anyone can match with their mini-humans, but it takes a special style to pull off matching dog owner and doggie outfits. If you know your friend’s clothing preferences and the size of their dog, you can easily find pajamas, jackets, and more. Twinning!

5. Doggie Boots

Loyal pet owners want to make sure their pups are safe, happy, and healthy. Yet, when they take their dogs outside for a walk, the sensitive pads on their paws are always at risk. Extreme temperatures, insect stings, and sharp objects are a problem. The solution is a perfect set of dog boots.

Walkee Paws has an extensive variety of stylish boots for dogs of all sizes and fashion senses. Grab some adjustable fit leggings that offer protection from wet or cold weather and add a coat. Your friend will appreciate the care you put toward their dog.

6. Dog Gear Pack 

Outdoor adventurers who head into the unknown understand the importance of being prepared. With a dog by your side, you have extra essentials you’ll need to pack. That’s where a dog gear pack comes in handy.

This “week away” pack is designed with dogs in mind. There’s a spot for the food and water bowls, harnesses, and treats, as well as all the human necessities. And it’s lightweight, so it’s simple to carry on hikes.

7. Dog Lover’s Books

Is the person on your shopping list a dog and book lover? Then we have the ideal gift idea to solve your dilemma! Dog-lover books are an entire genre, and they’re safe for the most sensitive of eyes. 

Add a pack of tissues to your gift because these stories will tug the heartstrings of every reader. Don’t worry, though. They’re all feel-good, funny stories, and some will let you personalize the main characters to match your friend and their pup.

When you’re heading out to do your holiday shopping this year, put your dog-loving friends at the top of the list. They’ll be the easiest people you shop for if you grab them one (or all) of these seven Christmas gifts for dog lovers.