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What Dog Boots Are Best For Your Dog

What Dog Boots Are Best For Your Dog

What Dog Boots Are Best For Your Dog

What are the Best Dog Boots for Dogs?

Accessorizing your pup’s wardrobe may be stylish, but the boots you choose should be functional, too. While some “boots are made for walkin’,” others are designed for hiking, rain, or hot pavements.


To find the best dog boots for dogs, your first factor should focus on protection. Style is great, but if your pup has to deal with the outside elements, they need to be safe.


If your dog boot goal is to find something that looks cute in pictures, anything you fall in love with will work! But if your furry family member is going to be outside exercising, their paws should be protected.


When Does My Dog Need Boots?

You won’t see many dogs in mild or temperate climates hitting the road decked out in footwear. But there are good reasons to consider doggy boots, even in those areas.


If you have an older dog, they probably have a little trouble walking these days. Dog boots with traction help give them the stability they need to get up from a sitting or lying position. The boots can also prevent symptoms that come with arthritis or spinal diseases, like toe dragging.


For active families, dog boots (like our Deluxe Dog Boot Leggings) are recommended if your pup is going to be dealing with hot or cold pavement or rocky terrain. Puddles may be fun for Fido, but they’re also full of parasites and other pests that can cause your pup harm. Rain boots can protect their sensitive paws from these pesky critters.


Choosing a Dog Boot

With so many designs on the market, it can be hard to choose the best dog boots for dogs. Multiple versions do different things, so it all depends on what you’re looking for.


Of course, the first trick is to find one that stays on Fido’s paws. Many dogs aren’t thrilled about dressing up, and having shoes on their “feet” can be annoying. Your pup is probably going to spend some time trying to figure out how to pull their new boots off. 


The trick is to look for shoes that are flexible, yet still durable. When the shoes are comfortable, it’s less likely that their new owner is going to fight having them on. Finding the right kind that won’t come off, no matter how much your pup tries, is the gold standard. 


From there, you can look for other characteristics. Regardless of how big or small your canine companion is, or what the boots will be used for, you’ll want to make sure these features are included:


  • They’re durable enough to prevent rocks or sharp objects from piercing through

  • They're comfy for your dog to wear and not too tight around the ankle

  • The soles have traction on them to prevent slipping

  • Like human shoes, they should be slightly open at the toes but not too big


As you try to figure out what size boot you need, remember that each manufacturer may label theirs differently. Some use the dog’s weight, while others use the human standard of the foot width or length. If you’re measuring your dog’s paw, go from the tip of the toenail to the heel of the paw’s pad. And width from one side to the other excluding extra fur 


When you find a shoe with the right fit, your pup will grow to enjoy (or at least put up with) going out with their boots on!


Dog Boots For Every Occasion 

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to round up the best of the best of each type of dog boots. 


Rain boots for dogs: A lot of shoe manufacturers will market their products as water-resistant. This just means they can hold up when they get wet. However, if you want your pup to have the most protection possible, look for waterproof footwear, like our Deluxe Dog Boot Leggings. (P.S. Pair your doggy rain boots with our lightweight raincoat for the most protection from the elements!)


dog walking in the rain and snow with boots


Dog boots for hiking: Any hiker knows that the terrain you deal with on your trek isn’t the same as a typical road. Rocky paths, erratic inclines, and hard objects are all part of the excursion! Still, heading out for a hike is often one of Fido’s favorite activities. As long as you keep your pup protected in hiking boots, you both can enjoy the rugged outdoors.


Dog shoes for hot pavement: Keeping your pup’s sensitive pads protected from the hot elements is the goal here. As a general rule, if you wouldn’t walk on the surface barefoot, Fido shouldn’t be bare-pawed either. Walkee Paws rubber soles are designed to withstand temperatures up to 302 F.


Dog boots for senior dogs: Tile and hardwood floors can make any pup fumble, especially our senior dogs. Booties made out of an everyday cozy material with silicon traction are exactly what’s needed to support your pup in their indoor adventures. We have designed our Indoor Grippy Sock Leggings with socks with grippies for traction to prevent dogs slipping and sliding indoors on wooden floors.


Walkee Paws’ Solution


Outdoor Dog Leggings

Our pick for the best hot pavement shoes are Walkee Paws Deluxe Dog Boot Leggings. They’re comfortable for your pup to wear with the cushioned cord stopper. The heart connector lets you easily slide the boots on and off, and the rubber soles are designed to withstand temperatures up to 302F.


The reinforced toe area ensures your pup has protection from the heat of the pavement and any pests that they may come across on their walk! The waterproof dog boots also work well if you need to take your pup outside in or after the rain.When you come home from from your walk, just take off the leggings and leave the dirt outside.


dog in boots and raincoat 


Anti-Slip Indoor Dog Leggings


Perfect for any pooch that has trouble slipping and sliding indoors, Indoor Walkee Paws with Grippy Socks are the comfortable (and stylish) solution for hard-to-manage floors. They’re made out of cooling fabric perfect for all-day wear, silicone dots for grip and have soft ankle ribbing for the best fit. Just like the classic leggings, there’s an adjustable back to customize the perfect length.

Dog wearing traction socks

When it comes to outdoor dog booties, there are different varieties. However, these are the best dog boots for dogs!

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