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The Best Dog Christmas Outfits

The Best Dog Christmas Outfits

The Best Dog Christmas Outfits

The holiday season is a magical time, full of lights, laughter, and family pictures! Since your pup is part of the family (and probably the cutest part), they should be included in your next photoshoot, too.

Whether Fido and Fifi are the main stars or part of your human pictures, or you just want them to look extra cute, they need to dress for the season. Sweaters, hats, antlers, boots, and more festively attire your pup for the attention they deserve (and love).

The dog Christmas outfits on this list are perfect for pictures with Santa, holiday parties, or just walking around town looking extra adorable.



Dog Christmas Outfit Trends 

The Antlers

If you’ve ever seen a dog wearing antlers, you know it’s paws-itively adorable, and you’ve decided you must have some for your pup this year. Antlers and matching bandana are inexpensive and soft enough to gently tie behind the ears. 

Get ready for everyone to ooh and aahh over Fido’s Christmas outfit when you dress him up in his ‘Merry Woof-mas’ plaid!

The Ugly Sweater

It’s not possible for your dog to be ugly, but their sweater can be! Ugly sweater is sure to win all the contests. The holiday theme of red and green are the backdrop for a spiny dinosaur back. 

Dino and winter prints fill the pattern on a sweater soft enough to be comfy but ugly enough to fit the category.

Paw-fect Pajamas

Ready to design the paw-fect family photo shoot? Dress everyone in these matching Christmas pajamas! Mom, Dad, teenagers, toddlers, and dogs (and all ages in between) can find the right size. The matching onesies are soft, cozy, and absolutely adorable! 

Santa’s Helper

Where would Santa be without his elves to help him get ready for Christmas every year? Dress Fido up in this adorable elf outfit to give Santa an extra helping “paw.” Complete with a hat and front-fitting costume, your pup will look like he’s heading to the North Pole every time he comes running your way!

Boots With the Fur

The world’s first dog legging manufacturer, Walkee Paws already has a wide variety of stylish boots and legging options for your pup. But this holiday season, add “snowflake leggings” to your furry family member’s Christmas list. 

The snowflake print is holiday-friendly and the boots will go with any Christmas outfit to protect your dog’s sensitive paws. Say goodbye to worries about the cold (or hot) temperatures, snow-melting chemicals, and ice hurting your beloved Fifi. These boots are created to comfortably stay on every dog with the patented over-the-back design. And they’re cute, too!

The Grinch

Not all dogs can pull off the happy helper or Santa outfit. Some pups (and people) are more, well, Grinch-like. Never fear, though! We still have a Christmas outfit to match that Grinchy personality!

The green Grinch fur and red Santa outfit will make your pup’s photos memorable and unique. And we all know the truth behind the Grinch’s cranky exterior. He, and your dog, have a huge heart they only like to share with their favorite humans!

Oh Christmas Tree

Here’s one tree your dog won’t want to mark as their territory. A Christmas tree outfit is a long, green sweater decorating with shiny ornaments and candy canes. We highly suggest you finish the look off with a matching flashing headpiece powered by LED lighting.


The all-time favorite Christmas character is arguably Rudulph, and your dog is just the right size to dress up like this jolly reindeer! With this walking reindeer costume and a red nose, you have everything you need to turn your pup into Santa’s leading sleigh-puller. 

Frosty the Snowman

You’ll surely have a holly, jolly Christmas when you see Fifi and Fido in their snow-person outfits! This costume has it all, including the snowy sweater, a candy cane striped scarf, stick arms, and a top hat. 

We recommend skipping the corn cob pipe, and using Walkee Paws boots if you’re taking your dog outside into the snow for your photoshoot. Otherwise, this outfit is Frosty the Snowman-approved!

Mini Santa

Santa can’t fit down your chimney, but his adorable canine helper can! The problem is that this Mini Santa wants all the treats, too. Complete with Santa’s hat, coat, and pants, Fido will be ready for a sleigh ride this Christmas.


From Frosty to Santa and everything in between, there’s something for every dog’s personality on this Christmas outfit list. Naughty or nice, it doesn’t matter. Your pup is going to shine bright this holiday season when you dress them in one (or all) of these festive dog Christmas outfits!

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