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Running Shoes For Dogs to Protect Your Pup’s Paws

Running Shoes For Dogs to Protect Your Pup’s Paws

Running Shoes For Dogs to Protect Your Pup’s Paws

If you are a frequent runner, you are well aware of the value of running shoes in this sport. Running shoes aren't just for humans!

If you want to take your dog running with you, you may be wondering how to protect his paws from injuries or damage caused by running on asphalt.


This is where canine running shoes come in handy.

What Are Dogs' Running Shoes?

Running shoes for dogs, sometimes known as running booties, are generally not the same as conventional dog shoes for short walks, as the name implies.

Regular, cosmetic dog booties resemble human shoes and are not designed to withstand the wear and tear of running.

Basic dog booties may injure your dog's paws if they try to run in them for an extended amount of time due to their design. 

Walkee paws are perfect for both casual walks and intense runs (and look cute!)



Running dog boots usually are more like protective socks, and they're typically made of weather-resistant, sturdy materials.

It's important to be able to fit and tighten your dog's running gear to their needed specifications.

Our outdoor dog leggings are fit for runs:

  • adjustable straps

  • comfort ankle fit

  • durable paw cover

  • protects legs from any debris, ticks, etc 


What's the Point of Running Shoes for Dogs?

When dogs run on various surfaces, they may be harmed or suffer paw injury. The paw pads on their feet, unlike horse hooves, are not firm enough for asphalt.

They're delicate and easily damaged. 

There are a lot of things that can go wrong if your dog isn't protected when jogging.

Winter Protection

Running in the winter might be extremely risky for your pet, especially if there is snow and ice on the ground.

Paw Pad Cover

Your dog's paws, for example, may be cut, his pads may wear out and begin to hurt, he may slip on damp surfaces, his paws may become sore if you run on hard concrete, and so on.


Running on hard surfaces for an extended period can put a lot of strain on your pet's feet and perhaps cause leg and hip injuries. 

Yes - Dogs Need Running Shoes

Another typical purpose for obtaining running shoes for a dog is for competitive racing.

Many dog competitions, such as the Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race, require all canines to wear protective running booties. This implies that your dog's ability to run will not be hampered by dog running shoes.

If the professionals use it, you know protective paw covers for exercise are something you should run with.

The best running dog shoes protect your dog from injuries such as scratches, wounds, and scrapes, as well as high temperatures.

Walkee Paws protects your dog's sensitive paw pads, legs and provides a little extra support.

When choosing the perfect canine booties for your dog, make sure they fit him properly and are comfortable for him.

How to Teach Your Dog to Run in Athletic Shoes

Some dogs may have difficulty acclimating to new running shoes or simply wearing them for the first time. 

Your dog may flatly refuse to put them on. There are several methods for acclimating your dog to wearing shoes, as well as considerations to make when selecting for them.


The shoes you purchase must be the precise appropriate size, so take accurate measurements of your dog's paws ahead of time. 

Get the right size shoes by measuring the width and length of your dog's paws

We offer various sizing for different small, medium or large dogs. Our outdoor leggings are adjustable at the ankle and back to ensure the best fit for your pup. 

Trial and Error

Before running, correctly fit your dog's shoes and let him walk around the house for a few minutes each day. 

Increase the amount of time you leave the shoes on gradually. Start with short walks after you notice that he is happy wearing them inside.

Hopefully your pup is used to Walkee Paws from their daily walks, or winter gear. The best part of our outdoor leggings is their versatility! You don't have to train your pet to wear different shoes for each occasion.

Get Comfortable

Increase the amount of time you spend walking until your dog is completely comfortable, then begin with short runs and progressively increase the running times. 

How To Dress A Dog In Boots

Once your pup is comfortable in their Walkee Paws, you can start to train them to sit and put a paw out to get dressed! With a routine of putting on, and taking off, the leggings with each walk, your pup will start to look forward to the appearance of our fashionable dog leggings.

Check your dog's running boots for wear and tear regularly - if possible, after each run. Examine any regions that appear to be thinning and look for any little holes. (we have repair patches if needed)

If you choose the best running shoes for dogs, they should last you a long time before needing to be replaced.