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How to Protect Your Dog’s Feet From Hot Pavement

How to Protect Your Dog’s Feet From Hot Pavement

How to Protect Your Dog’s Feet From Hot Pavement

Living in a concrete jungle during the summer can be hard on both dogs and humans. There is never enough shade, the air conditioner is just never strong enough, and it always feels hotter than the weather channel says to both you and your dog. Walkee paws will combat the heat so you can treat and protect your dog with waterproof dog leggings. 

Your Dog's Paws are sensitive and are likely to burn walking on hot asphalt or concrete in high summer temperatures, same as human feet. Pavement absorbs and retains the heat all day long so the temperature outside is not what your dog is feeling on their paws. Dog’s sweat glands are located in their paws to try and regulate their body temperatures. If you are feeling warm, your canine companion is likely feeling much warmer. 

  1. Don’t walk your dog during the hottest parts of the day and cut back walk times if it is too hot 
  2. While walking lookout for shady areas   
  3. Moisturize and/or wax your dog’s paws
  4. Grab some Walkee Paws waterproof dog leggings for your dog’s paws. They are light and durable, have waterproof covered booties, loose ankle fit for maximum freedom, fashionable leggings with adjustable strap for function and comfort and it’s available in numerous patterns and colors. 
  5. Extra tip: if you cannot leave your hand touching the pavement out for more than 10 seconds do not go on a walk.   
  6. Spend time with your canine companion this summer; exercise, shop, enjoy fun activities outside, but don’t let your pooch burn their paw pads. Let them be dry, safe, cool and oh so fashionable in Walkee Paws dog leggings. 

Asphalt is a great material for New York City streets. It is durable yet flexible and cheaper to install and upkeep than concrete. However, asphalt retains heat. It becomes much hotter than the outside temperature. Anywhere from 40-60 degrees hotter. And yes, hot pavement on bare paws can hurt your dog from mild discomfort to severe burns and blisters. Besides checking their paws, your dog will show signs of discomfort. Look out for limping, holding a paw, or whimpering. It can put stress on your dog’s body. So, protect your pets’ paws from summer rain and hot pavement. Prevent pain, skin damage, swelling and burns with Walkee Paws waterproof booties and your dog will have clean feet, warm feet, and stylish feet. By wearing Walkee Paws, you get to avoid a trip to the vet which is a bonus for your dog and your wallet.   

Many dog owners claim their dog's feet smell like popcorn or corn chips. Keep it that way with Walkee Paws waterproof dog leggings!