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Fashion Trends For Dogs

Fashion Trends For Dogs

Fashion Trends For Dogs

Latest Fashion Trends for you and your Best Furry Friend

It is a daily chore to stand in front of your closet and contemplate the clothes you should wear. It can take much effort, multiple tries and many outfits in order for you to feel ready to bravely and happily conquer the day. Your clothing and outfit choices represent you, and there is no exception for your dog. Summer is upon us. Walks in the park, strolls in the city and fun in the sun are here. It is time to be a fashion leader and create and wear what is trés chic! 

Don’t miss out on fashion trends making a comeback; from the 60’s to the new Avant-garde utility look - we cannot stop admiring and loving these styles. Here are a few outfit inspirations to get a jump start on what is trending for fall 2019:    

  1. Getting wild with animal print

A pattern that is always stylish and gives the vibe of being king/queen of the jungle. You and your pooch can and will stride confidently. To style animal print, pair one clothing item with chosen print with the remaining pieces being solid so that the animal print will pop. You will be one ferocious duo!


  1. Neon

Bold, fun, and playful are words that spring to mind when talking about neon. By adding more muted colors to your outfit, such as white or black, the outfit becomes classy and less similar to a highlighter. If you are nervous about neon overkill, try and give your outfit a pop of color with an accessory like a handkerchief or a neon shoe or booty. 


  1. Bucket hats

It’s not just for music festivals and ‘90s rappers anymore! Protecting the top of your head and the top of your pooch’s head from the sun while staying on top of the latest fashion is tops. Bucket hats can enhance anything from a sporty look to a maxi dress. Play with colors and patterns. Match your pooch with plaids, solids or go crazy with confetti Walkee Paws. It can be seen on runways and on the street.  


  1. Patchwork

We aren’t talking about quilts here. Patchwork provides a carefree yet polished look for summer and can be great for work or play. With chic maxi dresses and skirts you will give off only good bohemian vibes. If the vintage 70’s look is not for you, go for a fresh new denim patchwork look.    


  1. Lavender

A spectacular IT color that is the new neutral and goes with anything. For everyday work attire try a lavender pant which gives a feminine look yet still saying I am the boss. Forget the pink and stay with the royal purple family. You and your dog will show everyone the regal family that you are. 


  1. Boiler suit 

We are taking a page out of history from women working in factories during the wars. For one of summer 2019 hottest trends, try the boiler suit. This one-piece hit is a comfortable and easy choice in the morning. Fashion meeting function is the epitome of the boiler suit. Pair it with some chunky sneakers and maybe add a turtle neck. Your pooch can match in a onesie. 


  1. Summer bag

In one hand you have a leash and the other a purse. Add a laid-back bag made of straw or wood in a fun different shape like a circle. With these bags it is easy to carry all your and your dog’s necessities.   


  1. Tie dye 

Be prepared for this trend making a tremendous comeback. It’s groovy yet fresh and fashion forward. It can be seen all over the fashion runways and magazines for people and animals alike. So be a trendsetter and wear tie dye. 


  1. Shield glasses

Forget about tiny sunglasses and now supersize them to get the new in shield glasses. A great summer always starts with a great pair of sunglasses. These Matrix-like glasses are great for sports or fashion. Protect your eyes in style. 


  1. Athleisure

Practical and comfortable clothing does not need to be unstylish. Do it all in athleisure; from exercising to general everyday activities. With this fun style you can really show your personality. Leggings come in different lengths, patterns and colors. There are endless opportunities and choices. The best part is you and your dog can match wearing leggings together! Wear plaids, solids or go crazy with confetti Walkee Paws. It is so social media worthy to match you best friend (your dog) in the same clothing.         


So let Walkee Paws help you take accountability for your and your dog’s fashion. Experiment and balance your choices and have fun matching your pooch.