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Wholesale - Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum opening order $1500. Minimum reorder $800. 
  • Retailer is responsible for duties if applicable. 
  • Not responsible for loss or damage during shipping.
  • No returns or exchanges.
  • Shipping rates will be calculated at checkout.

As a reminder:

Resale Prohibited:

Customer acknowledges that the goods may only be sold by Customer (i) directly to Consumers at approved locations, or (ii) if agreed to by LX2 in writing, to retailers for resale to Consumers at approved locations. Sale or offer to sell from any other location/outlet, through any other medium (including, without limitation:

mail order, catalog, intranet, and internet (including, but not limited to Amazon, e- Bay, and Facebook marketplace), is expressly prohibited unless authorized by LX2 in writing.

LX2 expressly reserves the right to limit the number of goods delivered to Customer to only such quantities as are necessary to meet the reasonably expected demand at Customer’s approved store locations. Unless specifically prohibited by applicable law, sale, resale, or transshipment from, in, to, or through any unauthorized location, business, medium, or to other than Consumers is a violation of this Agreement.

The customer acknowledges that LX2 's policy against resale is for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing the image and placement of its Intellectual Property and goods throughout the world.