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Your Winter Dog-Walking Essential: The Warm Walk Gloves!

Your Winter Dog-Walking Essential: The Warm Walk Gloves!

Your Winter Dog-Walking Essential: The Warm Walk Gloves!

Your Winter Dog-Walking Essential: The Warm Walk Gloves!


Picture this: It’s 7am and your dog needs a walk. The weather outside is beyond frightful, and despite the many layers you’re bundled up in, the wind still leaves you feeling chilly. (Your dog, on the other hand, is nice and cozy thanks to his Walkee Paws Puffer Coat and Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings!) He does his business and—as you stand shivering and dreading the part that comes next—you peel off your gloves, exposing your vulnerable hands to the biting cold. You pull out a poop-bag roll, tear off a bag and struggle to get it open with your numb, frozen fingers.

Sounds doggone miserable, right? Well, we have some paw-some news for you: You don’t have to face this woeful winter scenario anymore, thanks to the Warm Walk Gloves! Brand new for Winter 2023, our Warm Walk Gloves were specially designed for cold-weather walks with your furry friend, and feature tons of clever (and functional) details made with you in mind:

Poop bags at your fingertips!



Our Warm Walk Gloves feature a hidden compartment that you can tuck poop bags into before heading out for a walk. When it’s time to pick up your pup’s mess, simply fold back the magnetic mitten top, grab an easy-to-access poop bag, pick up poop and dispose of it without getting your gloves dirty!

Multifunctional design

Wear them as mittens on the coldest of days, or use them as fingerless gloves when the weather’s a little more bearable. Thanks to the magnetic flip-back top, your fingers are free to easily open up a poop bag without having to take off your entire glove.


Guaranteed coziness & cleanliness

Each pair of gloves is made with the softest fleece-lined fabric for next-level warmth. Plus, it’s antimicrobial, too, so you’ll stay clean and cozy!

Sleek & safe design

With an all-black, low-profile look, our Winter Walk Gloves are as chic as they are functional. The unisex design also features a reflective stripe for safe nighttime walks.

A secure leash hold

Have a pooch that pulls? You won’t have to worry about losing your grip on their leash, thanks to non-slip silicone on the palms for a super-secure hold.

Warm Walk Glove

Simple storage ability

Losing a glove is the worst! But Warm Walk Gloves have plastic clips that attach them to one another or your dog’s leash, so they never go missing. Plus, the magnets allow gloves to snap together over your dog’s leash for easy access when you’re gearing up to go outside.

Available in two sizes (S/M and M/L), our Warm Walk Gloves are the paw-fect solution to all your winter dog-walking woes. They also make a fetching gift for all the dog owners in your life. Plus, you can cover all your winter dog-walking needs when you pair the Warm Walk Gloves with our Bag & Leash Combo, Harness and Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings!

Ready to grab a pair (or three)? Shop our Warm Walk Gloves now! 

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