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The Most Aww-dorable Dog Accessory: Introducing the Barkpack!

The Most Aww-dorable Dog Accessory: Introducing the Barkpack!

The Most Aww-dorable Dog Accessory: Introducing the Barkpack!

First it was our best-selling Outdoor Dog Boot Leggings. Then it was Indoor Grippy Sock Leggings, Puffer Coats and the Walkee Paws Raincoat. Next in our lineup of must-have accessories for your furry friend: The Barkpack! Designed to attach to your dog’s harness or leggings, this on-the-go doggy bag lightens your load and totes all your pup’s stuff.

Here are five reasons you and your pup will love this aww-dorable design:

  1. It’s so doggone cute.

Think your pooch couldn’t get any more precious? Just wait until you strap our Barkpack onto their back! Like a little kindergartener heading off to school, this design will have you drooling over your cute little canine.

  1. It features tons of built-in storage.

The Barkpack includes zippered compartments that are the paw-fect size for stashing Fido’s favorite tennis ball, tasty treats and other dog-walking essentials. Plus, there’s an easy-to-access poop bag pocket so you can easily scoop up messes on your outdoor adventures. 

  1. It’s ultra-versatile.

At Walkee Paws, we’re all about multifunctional designs that benefit both you and your pup. Our Barkpack features adjustable velcro straps that can connect to any harness configuration or your Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings. And when your furry friend gets to the dog park or wants to romp around, you can remove the Barkpack, use the handy carabiner clip to attach it to your leash and tote the bag around yourself!

  1. It’s designed with canine comfort in mind.

Thanks to its super-lightweight design, the Barkpack won’t weigh your dog down. So they can tote around their stuff and take some items off your hands without making their backs feel ruff!

  1. It can be paw-sonalized.

Why go in-dog-nito when your pup can stand out in a crowd with a monogrammed Barkpack?! For an additional $9.99, you can personalize your Barkpack with your pooch’s name in a variety of colors. (FYI: All monogrammed items are final sale!)

Ready to fetch your very own Barkpack? Click here to order one today!

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