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How To Protect Your Pup from Harmful Germs

How To Protect Your Pup from Harmful Germs

How To Protect Your Pup from Harmful Germs

Protecting your dog from Germs

We all know that pets have become so much more than just animals. They are our companions, our friends, and even our family. Just as you would want to keep your loved ones from getting sick, you also want to be responsible for keeping your dog healthy. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell when our pets aren't feeling well because they can't tell us. Using preventative methods are your best bet, so you never have to guess how your dog is feeling. Here are the best tips for keeping germs away from your bundle of fluff.

  1. Bathe them regularly: A dirty dog is much more likely to carry hidden ticks and fleas, and even some fungal infections. While these aren't necessarily "germs," your pet can still suffer from the itching, fur loss, and distress that these nasty little parasites cause. Ensure to wash them well with pet-friendly soap about one time per month, and towel dry their fur to keep moisture from being trapped against the skin. Proper brushing and grooming are also important for a clean coat. If you don't feel confident in your abilities, you can always hire a professional to pamper your pup. Leaving mats and excess fur on your pets can be a huge source of irritants to both you and them.

  1. Wash food and water dishes: Humans don't like to eat and drink from dirty dishes, and animals don't either. One of the easiest methods of preventing dog germs is ensuring that you give them fresh food and water every day and that you rinse the bowls out before you refill them. At the end of each week, sanitize the dishes in the dishwasher (as long as they are dishwasher safe) or clean them well with bleach and hot water. If you do use bleach, always rinse the dishes very thoroughly before giving your dog food or water in order to prevent them from getting sick from the toxic chemical. Bacteria and fungi can grow in the tiny scratches and dents that occur over time with use in animal bowls. They may be completely harmless, but they can also make your pet sick, so don't forget to wash the dog dishes too!

  1. Protect their feet: People think about keeping their own feet and their children's feet clean and protected from outside dirt and germs, but they forget about their pet's paws. By using Walkee Paws, your dog can walk outside safely, and not track dirt and germs back into the house. This also keeps paws clean and prevents dogs from ingesting germs by licking their paws post walk. Chemicals like rat poison on the street can be deadly for pets and salt after snowstorms, if licked off paws, causes bad diarrhea.

Walkee Paws are the world’s first dog leggings but unlike regular dog boot, these are easy to get on, comfy to wear and stay on. The bottom part is waterproof and keeps rain, snow, chemicals, and dirt off of animal feet, which prevents irritation. Walkee Paws are also easily machine or hand-washed, so after they've been outside, you can clean them off, and you won't have to worry about bringing any outside grime into your home. They're perfect for preventing dog germs and keeping your dog healthy.

Dogs are strong and resilient animals, but they still need proper basic animal care combined with a few extra hygiene measures to keep from getting sick. As long as you are a responsible pet owner, and you take these tips to heart, you will have a very happy and healthy dog for many years to come.