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How to Keep Your Dog Safe While Hiking

How to Keep Your Dog Safe While Hiking

How to Keep Your Dog Safe While Hiking

The temps are dipping and the leaves are falling, which means it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and take your dog on an adventure! Whether you’re going to a nearby park or venturing out a little farther from home, taking your furry friend for a long walk or hike offers tons of great benefits: it helps with weight management for dogs, provides plenty of mental stimulation and is an excellent way to bond with one another. 

But before you hit the trail, you should keep a few things in mind to guarantee you and your pup are as safe as paw-sible:

  • Scout the Location
  • Heading to a hiking locale for the first time? Make sure to do your homework! Double check that dogs are allowed on your trail of choice, and read up on the leash laws so you know what to expect. Even if your pup loves to roam and explore on their own, it’s safest—both for your dog and others—that they remain on leash throughout your hike. After all, you never know when you’ll spot a deer, squirrel or other cute critter, and you don’t want your canine chasing after them and getting lost or hurt. 

    Have a pup who’s a little uncomfy around other dogs? Read online reviews to find out whether the spot you’ve chosen has high levels of doggy traffic, and try to avoid trails where there will be lots of off-leash dogs. 

  • Find the Nearest Emergency Vet
  • Odds are your adventure into the great outdoors will be super safe and fun. But just in case your pup runs into a little trouble, make sure you know where the nearest pet hospital or emergency vet is located, especially if you’re hiking farther away from your established veterinarian. 

  • Dress Appropriately
  • If you live in a spot that’s warm year-round, keep your canine from overheating with a cooling bandana. Venturing out into downright-chilly weather? Wrap your pup up in a doggy coat to keep them warm! Our Adjustable Puffer Coat is made with a water-resistant shell, micro-fleece lining and rib-knit trimming for added comfort, warmth and style, and is designed to be worn with the Attachable Coat Leggings for full head-to-tail protection. 

  • Bring Refreshments
  • You wouldn’t go hiking without packing a water bottle for yourself, right? So make sure your pooch has some H20, too! There are plenty of on-the-go water bowls for your four-legged friend to keep them from getting dehydrated while exploring outside. 

  • Stick to the Trail
  • As tempting as it can be to embrace your rugged side and go off-roading, make sure you stay on the designated trail with your dog to avoid potentially dangerous terrain (and getting lost!). It’s also smart to dress your pup in dog boots so they stay safe. Our Outdoor Boot Leggings feature waterproof rubber boots and water-resistant legging fabric, so they protect your pup’s precious paws from sharp rocks, painful burrs and other ruff stuff. 

  • Don’t Overdo It
  • You know your dog best, so make sure to tailor your outing to their abilities and activity level. While younger dogs and active breeds may have the stamina to hike for miles and miles, older dogs, smaller breeds and more mellow pups might have a hard time with long distances or steep inclines. Plan ahead and don’t go too far, or you might end up having to carry your dog on the return journey!

  • Check Your Pup for Pests
  • Once the hike’s complete and you’re ready to head home, make sure to check your dog for ticks. (Hint: Our dog boot leggings cover your pup’s paws and legs, keeping them free from ticks and other bugs!) 

    You should also wipe down your dog’s coat with hypoallergenic bath wipes to remove any potential allergens, dirt and mud that might irritate their skin or get your car and home dirty. Even better: If they’re wearing Walkee Paws, there’s no need for a bath when they get back home! Just take off their leggings, rinse them under cold water and hang to dry. 

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