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These Leggings are Top Dog: Introducing Our New Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings!

These Leggings are Top Dog: Introducing Our New Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings!

These Leggings are Top Dog: Introducing Our New Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings!

Not to brag, but Walkee Paws has been best in show since our launch in 2018, bringing pup paw-rents everywhere a “better bootie” that protects their pups’ paws from all the ruff stuff outside. In the years since then, we’ve been continually innovating and improving our all-in-one dog boot leggings, while also introducing a whole range of doggone awesome products like leashes, socks, coats and more.

And nowbased on feedback over the last three years from our human and furry friends alikewe’re introducing our most impressive product yet: Our Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings

Walkee Paws New Deluxe Dog Leggings with improved molded booties

A paws-itively fetching upgrade to our prior legging designs, every detail of our Deluxe leggings were made with enhanced fit, durability and canine comfort in mind.

Molded rubber boots to mirror your dog’s paw shape

Your dog’s comfort is of the utmost im-paw-tance to us, and we’re always striving to find ways to make our rubber booties feel even more natural. Enter the ergonomically shaped, TPE-molded booties on our Deluxe leggings! These booties are designed to mirror your dog’s paw shape. This makes them easier to get on and off, keeps them in place, and makes them super comfy for your canine. Not to mention, TPE is eco-friendly, non-toxic and can withstand heat up to 302°F and cold down to -40°F. The result: Dog booties that provide the ulti-mutt fit, feel and flexibility. 


Cotton-lined boots for insulation and durability

Many of Walkee Paws’ biggest fans rely on our leggings to keep their pups’ paws protected from winter weather, icy sidewalks and snowmelt chemicals. That’s why we wanted to provide an extra barrier from fur-eezing temps with our cotton-lined booties! Added bonus: The extra padding prevents your pooch’s nails from causing tears in the booties. 

No-fuss leg openings

We took everything you loved about the design of our original Regular Fit Leggings, then added smoother seams between the legging fabric and rubber booties. So now your canine’s nails won’t get caught and the leggings are easier than ever to slip right on!

We also made the fabric go up a lot higher to provide the extra leg coverage that you all wanted. 

NEW elastic collar and heart connectors

No one likes to lose a dog boot, and we’ve made it more certain than ever that your Walkee Paws dog leggings will stay in place! The new elastic collar connector clips around your dog’s collar or harness to ensure leggings stay on. The collar connector is also detachable, so you can easily remove it if you don’t need them (don’t worry, the leggings will still stay in place for most dogs!). Plus, our upgraded heart connector now features a stronger rubber grip so the back leggings are nice and secure!

Collar connector


Not to mention, our Deluxe Easy-On Leggings feature all the original features you’ve come to know and love:

  • Over-the-back connector to ensure you never lose a dog boot again! Allows you to customize the legging height on both front and back legs.
  • Water-resistant legging fabric to protect your pup's legs, too!
  • Cushioned back piece to provide more canine comfort and prevent fur from catching. 

And they’re eco-friendly to boot!

Each pair of our Deluxe Easy-On Leggings will ship straight to your door in our new eco-friendly packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard. So now your pup can look great and do good! 

Early paw-dopters of the Deluxe Leggings are raving! Here’s what they have to say.

“I absolutely love them!!! They really are the best design yet. I don’t think I can go back to the original ones after this. I’ve been stopped a couple of times in the park, and I do a demo of how easy it is to slip on and slip off. I just chuck them over Zoe’s back and hold the boots, and she knows to put her front paws in and then I help her with her hind paws, so it really does look very easy. She just looks so spiffy in these leggings and gets SO many compliments!”
-Manisha and her dog, Zoe

“We LOVE the new Deluxe leggings! The boot fits so much better and he seemed way more comfortable walking with these. They also even seemed easier to get on (or maybe I’m a pro by now 😂!). Thank you! They really are incredible. So far the best pair yet!”
-Amanda and her dog, Junior 

So, which size should you buy?

Thanks to the TPE-molded booties on our Deluxe design, sizing is different from our standard Walkee Paws leggings. The boots should fit snugly, so you’ll likely need to size down. The majority of dogs will fit into size S/M, but just to be sure, here are some simple steps to finding the paw-fect fit:

  • Measure Paw Width: On a piece of paper, measure and mark from the widest part of one edge of your dog’s paw to the other edge (excluding fur). 
  • Measure Height: Measure from the floor to the top of your dog’s shoulders.
  • Determine Sizing:
  • XS Short (XSS): Paw width 1-1.5”, height up to 12” (perfect for lowriders like Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Yorkies and Maltese)

    XS Tall (XST): Paw width 1-1.5”, height up to 16” (perfect for tiny-but-tall pups like Italian Greyhounds, Jack Russell Terriers and Mini Schnauzers)

    S/M: Paw width 1.5-2”, height up to 20.5” (our most pup-ular size, fitting everything from Cocker Spaniels to Standard Schnauzers)

    L: Paw width 2-2.5”, height up to 28” (perfect for bigger pups like Boxers, Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles)

  • Check our Breed Size Guide
  • Just a heads up: There are a few breeds that our Deluxe Edition Leggings aren’t ideal for. These include Basset Hound, Bernese Mountain Dog, Corgi, Great Dane, Old English Sheepdog, Saint Bernard and Whippet.

    Ready to get your pair of Deluxe Easy-On Leggings?! 

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