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dog winter hats

Dog Winter Hats To Keep Your Pet Stylish AND Warm

Dog Winter Hats To Keep Your Pet Stylish AND Warm

a puppy wearing a winter hat

The Best Dog Winter Hat for the Upcoming Cold Snap

With the exception of mountain and husky breeds, most dogs, despite their coats, are not built to withstand prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures. Even when romping in the snow at full speed, they can catch a chill. This is why, in addition to a dog sweater or coat, a soft-knit or fleece-lined winter dog hat (depending on your dog's tolerance, of course) is an excellent accessory. Hats protect the sensitive skin of a dog's ears, which is susceptible to frostbite.

Before purchasing a winter dog hat, measure your dog's head from the widest point in front of the ears and compare those measurements to the exact dimensions of the hat. Otherwise, you risk getting a dog hat that is either too small or too big. By measuring, you'll ensure a paw-fect fit.

Pom Pom Hats by Walkee Paws

Our most popular item is now available for your pooch. This winter dog pom pom cap will keep your dog toasty and eager to play.

A two-toned Pom Pom hat is certain to attract attention.

Cable knit fabric with marled edges and braided rope and 3 Pom-Poms

Ear holes that are functional for your pup's comfort and a linings to ensure the hat is water resistant

This is a warm and comfy item that your pooch can wear throughout the season.

How to Make Your Dog Wear a Hat

Teaching your dog to wear a hat is a simple and enjoyable behavior that doubles as an instant Halloween costume! There are now a plethora of hat options... especially if you plan on wearing the hat as part of a costume. However, we chose a beanie-style cap to serve as an ear warmer during the colder months. Simply follow the five simple steps below, and your dog will be wearing a hat in no time!

Step 1. Choose a delectable treat and an unobtrusive location. Using the tasty reward, introduce the headgear to your dog. Because dogs can be afraid of new objects, make sure your dog enjoys his or her hat before moving on to Step 2.

Step 2: Act as if you're putting on the hat while holding a treat in one hand and the hat in the other. Simply give them the treat in exchange for letting you partially (and loosely) lay the hat on them. If they do not withdraw, claw at the hat, or show other signs of nervousness, proceed to Step 3!

Step 3: It's time to persuade your dog to wear the hat. If it's a full beanie hat (like our dog hat), you want them to follow the treat and put their face in it. If it's just a simple hat, simply draw them in with the straps that will secure the hat once it's on their head.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 to gradually increase the hat's fit on your dog (tighten the chin straps or, in our case, increase the circumference of the beanie). If they do not withdraw, claw at the hat, or show other signs of nervousness, proceed to Step 5!

Step 5: Gradually lengthen the time your dog wears his hat. Reward them on a regular basis for not shaking their heads or attempting to remove the hat. Furthermore, remove the cap before your dog has had enough (or you run out of treats)!

How to Determine the Paw-fect Fit

What do you put on when you go out into the frigid winter air? I'm sure you always put on a warm cap before leaving the house. Have you ever considered getting Fido the best dog winter hat to keep his ears warm when the temperatures drop?

The best dog winter hats can keep your dog warm while also making them look stunning. Who can resist a lovely puppy frolicking in the snow while wearing a winter hat? All you have to do is make sure the hat you choose fits your dog properly and is securely attached to his head. Furthermore, they, like other dog winter clothing, serve the primary purpose of keeping the dog warm.

Pay close attention to the sizing specifications listed on the product's packaging or online description. Inspect the hat's attachment to your dog's head as well. Is there a band that goes under his chin? If he wears the cap for more than 30 minutes, that's not going to be very pleasant.

You should also consider whether your pet truly requires the best winter hats for dogs. If you have a large, fluffy Husky, he will most likely be warm enough outside without any additional clothing. A hat, on the other hand, maybe a welcome addition to a dog's winter wardrobe if he has a thin coat or little to no fur.

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