Dog wearing shoes

Dog Shoes That Are Easy To Put On

Dog Shoes That Are Easy To Put On

Find the Right Boot for Your Dog


When you wear the wrong shoes, you feel it in the pinched toes, blisters, and other painful effects. But you barely notice when you wear the right ones because they’re comfortable and doing their job.

The same idea applies to your dog’s shoes. If your pup is fighting you every time you try to put their footwear on, and you’ve had the same shoes for a while, they’re not the right ones.

Most dogs aren’t going to be too thrilled the first few times you try to stick something unknown on their paws. But eventually, if you have dog shoes that are easy to put on and barely noticeable, Fido will stop fighting you.

So, how do you find dog walking shoes that fit like the proverbial glove without a lot of stressful trial and error? Start by reading this guide to help you narrow down the types of shoes that are best for what your pup is going to be using them for and where you’ll be walking.

The Right Shoes for the Occasion

Shoe lovers know that you can’t ever have too much footwear. You’ll need the right shoes for any potential event!

What events are you taking your pup on that will require shoes? Will Fido be on slippery floors? Hot or cold pavement? Rough and rugged terrain? Or just out for a shopping trip looking cute and cuddly?

Each of those situations requires different types of dog walking shoes. Without the right footwear, your pup’s paws could end up injured. Worse, your furry family member might slip and fall and get seriously hurt.

Other issues, such as toe-curling or toe dragging, are commonly seen in older dogs. Shoes with traction help our senior friends keep their balance and have more confidence getting around.

To find the best dog boots for your pup, start by looking for the right shoes for the occasion. Then use these next tips to find dog shoes that are easy to put on.

Sliding Into the Perfect Pair

We all know that the hard—est part of getting Fido to wear shoes is keeping them on! But when you find the Cinderalla-fit pair, they’ll be so comfortable, your pup will forget they’re there or look forward to wearing them.

For example, when you go for a walk during hot and cold seasons, the pavement is going to hurt a dog’s sensitive paws. Your dog knows this but loves you so much—and loves their walking time —that they go anyway.

As they get used to their dog walking shoes, they’ll quickly realize that they get to do what they love and not have painful paws. When that lightbulb moment happens, they’ll stop fighting you to put their shoes on!

Characteristics of an Easy-On Dog Shoe

In the meantime, you need shoes that are easy to put on and stay on, so you can get to that point. Otherwise, Fido will just pull them off, and it will be a battle of wills between the two of you.

Lightweight and Durable

To slide into the perfect pair, look for shoes that are lightweight and durable. Dogs use their padding to keep their balance. Pads have a natural texture that lets them walk on slippery or rocky surfaces. When they can’t feel through their pads, they often get nervous.

Good lightweight dog shoes should have a non-slip lining to keep the paw from twisting. If you’re going to be dealing with slippery surfaces, get a non-skid sole to ease some of Fido’s natural nervousness. As your pup learns that they can still keep their balance in the shoes, they’ll feel better wearing them.

Easy Closure

Aside from being lightweight, easy-on dog shoes also let you quickly hook the shoe closed tightly. Some manufacturers, like Walkee Paws, help you easily slide your pup’s paws into their shoes by designing leggings. 

They work like shoes, but go all the way up the leg and connect easily over the back. The leggings are elastic drawstrings at the openings, creating the perfect adjustable snug fit. You can tighten them when it’s wet or cold and loosen them in the hotter temperatures.

The best part is, they’re easy for you to slide them on and hard for Fido to get them off! 

Other styles have a high-tensile strength hook with a design that wraps up the leg partway. This allows for a firm, but not tight, fit. Avoid shoes that have string closure. Getting your dog to stay still long enough to tie the strings tightly is not always easy.


Making sure the shoes have an adjustable fit is important. Most dog shoes come in basic sizes, from extra small to extra large. 

If your pup isn’t a standard size, you need to be able to adjust the way the shoes fit so they’re not too loose or too tight. If they’re too loose, they’ll fall off easily. Too tight, and Fido will be spending hours trying to bite them off.

Other Things to Look for in Your Dog Shoes

Once you find a shoe that looks like it’ll be easy to slide on and keep secure, you can check for other features. Some factors you might want to think about before you buy your next pair include:

  • The terrain you’ll be walking in most often. If you’re hiking or in slippery areas, find shoes that have soles designed for that type of geography. Keep in mind that you are a lot higher off the ground than Fido. In many areas, hiking through nature exposes your dog to dangers like ticks, bug bites, and snake bites. The more leg that’s covered up with protective footwear, the safer they’ll be.
  • The cost of the shoes. You don’t have to spend a fortune to find the right dog shoes, but if they’re too cheap, they may fall apart easily. There’s a sweet spot where you’ll be able to find quality shoes at an affordable price. Depending on what you’re looking for, you should be able to buy shoes that will last a while for $25 - $75. Specialty shoes will be higher priced, of course.
  • The shoe’s design. Durable and rugged doesn’t have to mean ugly! If you want your dog to be stylish, keep shopping around. There are lots of shoes out there that are waterproof, all-terrain, and still super cute!

Maybe you’ve tried shoes for your dog before and it just didn’t work. Or you can imagine all the reasons why there’s absolutely no way your pup will agree to wear shoes, no matter how beneficial they might be. 

Before you give up, try a company like Walkee Paws that has an easy exchange and return policy. Don’t hesitate to reach out through an email or chat to whatever business you buy from. They’re the experts, but you can become one for your dog’s shoe needs!