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Adjustable Fit Instructions

Please ensure your dog's nails are clipped short and filed.

Step 1

Standing over your dog, position the black cord stopper and loops by your dog's shoulders with the grey heart pointing toward your dog's tail. Separate the four pieces in the direction of each leg.

Step 2

Starting with the front paws, slip one paw at a time into the booties. Repeat on the back paws. Tighten the elastic drawstring for a snug fit.

Step 3

Make sure the front paws have a snug fit by pushing in on the cord stopper and pulling the front loops tight. If your pup has long hair, hold the cord stopper high to avoid catching its fur. Do the same with the back loops.

Step 4

Slide the grey heart toward your dog's lower back. Once you've achieved the perfect fit, you are all set and won't have to readjust each time.

Straps too long?

Feel free to leave them, tie them, or trim as you see fit. Once the initial adjustment is made, you won't need to readjust them.