Rocky the lond-haired Chihuahua is wearing size XS-Short.
Rocky the lond-haired Chihuahua is wearing size XS-Short.
Rocky the lond-haired Chihuahua is wearing size XS-Short.
Stir Fry the Mini Goldendoodle is wearing size S/M.
Designed to stay on!
Comfy paw protection!
With grippies for traction!
Bernie the Bernese Mountain Dog/mix is wearing size L.
Designed to stay on!
Ozzie the Australian Shepherd is wearing size M.
Comfy and durable!
Waterproof boots and water-resistant leggings.
Leg protection too!


$54.99 USD
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Color - Skulls


Walkee Paws dog boot leggings protect your pup from all the ruff stuff outside, including dangerous snowmelt chemicals, rain, mud, burrs and hot pavement (withstands heat up to 302°F and cold down to -40°F). Plus, they keep your home free of dirt and germs!
Our new dog shoes now include:
  • Molded TPE rubber boots that mirror your dog’s paw shape for better fit and flexibility. 
  • Cotton-lined booties for extra comfort, insulation and durability.
  • No-fuss leg openings with smooth seams so nails don’t get caught.
  • Detachable elastic collar connector for a stay-on fit.
  • Stronger heart connector to keep back leggings in place.
  • Right, Left and Back labels so booties go on the correct foot.

Plus, our dog rain boots still feature all your favorite details:

  • Over-the-back connector so you never lose a dog boot again! Allows you to customize legging height on front and back legs. 
  • Water-resistant legging fabric to protect your pup’s legs, too!
  • Cushioned back piece to prevent fur from catching.
  • Machine washable—just rinse boots after each walk or wash on gentle cycle and hang to dry
New - all size M and L Deluxe boots now come with Adjustable Elastic Velcro Straps to keep back boots in place! Need a pair for your small pup or front boots, too? Click here to shop a set of two. 

Each pair is shipped in our new eco-friendly packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard, in an effort to reduce our carbon paw-print.


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Add our new lightweight summer raincoat for toe to tail protection in the rain.


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