Win amazing and cool prizes! 50% Discounts, USD500 cash, Leggings, Leashes and Coats

From now through the end of January, record a cute video of your pup walking it out in their Walkee Paws leggings to the song "Walk It Out" by Unk.

2 winners will be chosen at random out of the best submissions to win $500 each plus Walkee Paws leggings, leashes and coats! Plus... just for entering, you get a 50% coupon* to use on your next legging purchase!

1. Wear Walkee Paws; 2. Create Video; 3. Upload!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase your favorite pair of leggings at walkeepaws.com or use a pair you already own.
  2. Create your video (must be at least 15 seconds, include the song “Walk It Out” by Unk, and feature your dog wearing Walkee Paws, preferably outside).
  3. Share the video on TikTok or Instagram, and tag @walkeepaws with #walkeewagchallenge
  4. Email us a link to your submission and we will email you a 50%* off coupon.
  5. All submissions that follow the steps above will receive a 50% coupon* to use for another pair of leggings of your choice.

* 50% off full regular price on one pair of leggings of your choice - shipping not included. Sent within 2 weeks of entry.

How to download the correct song:
You need to be on Instagram or Tiktok to participate. 

On TikTok
  1. Go to Walkee Paws Walkee Wag Challenge video here.
  2. Click on the song playing called "Walk it out" - @unk".
  3. Then click "Use this Sound" and start creating your video. 
On Instagram
  1. Follow the steps shown here to create a reel.
  2. Under the "Audio" tab search for the song  "Walk it out" by UNK and use this as your playback for the video.
  3. See the image attached below for the right song to use. 


Hurry, the #walkeewagchallenge ends on January 31, 2021 when 2 winners will be drawn randomly
from our favorite submissions.

So get your pup to walk it out so you can cash it out in January
Good luck and happy walking and wagging!

Take a look at some of the best entries!


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