Walkee Paws


Nelly just loves her walkee paws!

Margaret R.

These are great!

Teri R. | @rockerthefrenchie

These are great ! And my dog doesn't even mind them. I’m actually so pleasantly surprised… went on super easy, stayed on, and he didn’t seem to mind them. Within a few minutes he was running up and down the stairs in our house acting like he didn’t even care they were on. Plus they are worth the price just for the laugh 😂😂

These are amazing!

Amy G.

These are amazing! I absolutely love them...I did find out they are not definitely for running...she loves to chase that ball ...but when we go play in snow....we love them! She doesn't fight to put them on at all. Thank you. I hope they are a big hit.

The only and best booties out there!

Tin L.

The only and best booties out there. I have wasted so much money in the past trying to find boots for my dog. Finally, my prayers are answered….I’ll buy it again 🤗

They are so well made and easy to put on!

Terri P. | @waldobernedoodle

We received our WalkeePaws today and it was love at first site! They are so well made and easy to put on. My dog Waldo (Mini Bernedoodle 33lbs) had no trouble at all walking in them.Glad we ordered the size Large as they fit right up to the top of her leg, and therefore more fur will stay dry! We will be recommending to all our “doodle’ friends.

Thank you -Liza loves them!


Thank you! Being a senior (age 80),  I've had many problems finding something to protect my small rescue PomChi dog: a set of boots that don’t fall off. My other problem was that being of age.... arthritis set in my hands, which causes me not to be able to tighten some of the boots I had bought before.

I’m always searching for things for her (Liza) and I happened to see these. Bought them taking a chance this “might” work.... OH MY, Liza loves them and so do the other ladies that have seen them on her.  So if you see me ordering often, it’s because other dogs are being protected and happy.

Bless you for making this fabulous idea work.

Awesome Success!

Jeff S.

I wanted to pass on our thoughts on what an awesome success your product has been with our dogs. We have tried SEVERAL different types of boots and paw covers all failing miserably!
Our two Pomeranians would get ice, salt, and snow packed in their paws making walks miserable. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you for a super product!

Finally a product that stays on Dory’s feet!

Karen J.

This is the first product we have used that stays on our springer spaniel’s feet. Reports that Walkee Paws some off are a clear indication the cinch is not tight enough. We went for a 2 mile walk in the snow today. No stopping for snow packed paws. We’ve tried MANY dog booties. Finally, a product that stays on Dory’s feet!!!

A big hit!

Jane B.

Walkeepaws a big hit in rainy Santa Monica with a fluffy white labradoodle.

Rosco loves them!

Lisa C.

Rosco wearing his Walkee Paws for the first time. He loves them and they keep his paws nice and clean and dry on the snowy, salty

Adirondack roads in upstate NY. Great product!

Best boots ever!

Julie P.

I think I may have sold every pair in Toronto. I get so many people stopping me on the street asking me where I got them. I'm happy to direct them to the website. Best boots ever!

Walkee paws are the only booties that stay on!

Courtney @themarvelousmissmayzy

Thank you for inventing such a great product, after trying numerous booties, Walkee Paws have been the only ones to stay on and keep Mayzy’s paws clean and dry during an especially rainy season in Los Angeles.

GAME CHANGER - Walkeepaws to the rescue!

Jane Ann Z | @porshia_the_therapy_dog

I have "tried" numerous dog boots to protect Porshia's paws from inclement weather and to maintain her well groomed big fluffy 🐾.  And...
She has disliked them ALL! 🙄

Every brand I've tried, she rips the velco straps, her nails have punctured them, and she can get them off in minutes.

Walkeepaws to the rescue!
Easy on/off design, waterproof, washable, FASHIONABLE, & AFFORDABLE!  And...
She loves them!!

Porshia practicality jumps into her walkeepaws and prances around like they aren't even on! The rubber bootie part isn't constricting like other brands which gives her comfort and a great range of motion.

Awesome pawsome!

Victoria S.

FINALLY !!!! After 5 years of spending probably hundreds on footwear, none of which stayed on ever, for my doggie, I've found WALKEE PAWS which not only stays on but does so with no problem over or under a harness, sweater, coat, shirt, because it is adjustable where they all come together at the top. We live in south Jersey which can get very swampy fast after a single rainfall, and if you've never spent and hour cleaning the mud and dirt out of four Bichon paws you won't know why I'm so elated over this product. The first day Simba (stubborn as a Bichon lol) I had to lure him to walk to the kitchen in it with ice cream and took our first slow walk at night. Second day he was still kind of slow but he was realizing with his great fitting Walkees mommy was letting him in the soggy muddy mulch and anywhere where he was NOT allowed to go before because of the puddles that would pool and leave the surrounding area messy and muddy. By the third day he was running in them to all the places he wasn't allowed before. Great fit and sturdy and goes all the way to the fold in the leg covering the entire leg and keeping it clean. It is completely waterproof, and when we come in, now he stands on his mat and I simply slip them off his paws starting with the front, and off he goes, clean as clean can be! Our prior ritual consisted of going through 3 packs of baby wipes wiping then drying his paws, 15 min. on each paw, just to get them clean. WALKEE PAWS gets 5 stars from me and 5 joyful hoots from Simba!

These look really good and there’s no way these babies are coming off!

Schnauzer Mom

Very easy to put on. Took Miggy a while to get used to them and after that  he didn’t even know they were on.

These are some great boots!

The only “shoes” they can’t shake off

Austin E

Seriously, these are a godsend. We have two 1year old yorkiepoos and these little babies sure know how to shake off any and all booties...except these. They are 10lbs and we ended up needing a small. So worth! Since they are inside with us always we needed something to keep their feet dry and clean in the rainy/snowy weather and these fit perfectly as is or under their onesies and winter coats. No need to get the pups in the sink for a bath, just slide off the leggings and they are ready to snuggle on the couch.

Protection, saves time and very fashionable

Amazon Customer

The best product ever! It protects the paws of my dog from snow, salt, mud when are walking in the neighborhood. It saves us a lot time to put on. Before we used boots and he would always loose one. Not any more with these leggings. More colors please!