Walkee Paws

Our Story

Hi, I’m Lisa Baronoff. I’m the proud owner of two wonderful dogs: a beloved Cocker Spaniel named Toffee and an adorable Goldendoodle puppy we call Stir Fry. Like many of you, I love my dogs dearly and treat them as part of our family (they even sleep in my bed every night!). And that’s exactly why I created Walkee Paws. 

As a dog owner in Manhattan, I grew increasingly concerned over the germs, dirt, chemicals, rain and snow my dogs were coming into contact with while navigating the concrete jungle. At best, all this yuck and muck was tracking dirt into my home. At worst, my dogs were burning their little paws on hot pavement, trekking through uncomfortably cold snow, and potentially ingesting dangerous street chemicals and snow melt by licking their dirty feet.

Convinced that I could discover a way to preserve my home’s cleanliness and protect my pups from harm, I embarked on a mission to find the perfect solution. For what felt like months, I tried—and was unimpressed with—every option on the market. Wipes and washes were too wet and messy, leaving a trail of paw prints along the floor. Booties made my dogs uncomfortable and drove me crazy trying to get them on (and keep them on, too). I knew there had to be a better option.

Fortunately, my experience developing and marketing toys and pantyhose for brands like Mattel and Sara Lee Hosiery made the little lightbulb in my head go off. I raced to my closet, grabbed two pairs of old pantyhose and cut them into leggings. Next, I slipped them onto Toffee’s legs, tied them over his back and—hot dog!—they stayed in place. The pantyhose acted like a sling, making the whole experience easy for me, comfortable for Toffee and a godsend for the both of us! That’s when Walkee Paws officially got its start!

Inspired by the versatility of pantyhose, my incredible team developed a four-way stretch fabric, along with a clever tightening tool that prevents Walkee Paws from falling off, while also remaining comfortable for the dog. Next came the waterproof paws. We knew we wanted the material to be lightweight and thin enough so that dogs could still feel the ground and walk more naturally, but it also had to be durable enough to withstand water, pavement, snow and the general wear-and-tear that comes with outdoor walking.

Although there was lots of trial and error—rest assured, Toffee earned many a peanut butter bone in exchange for his work as our test model!—we finally “paw-fected” our Walkee Paws and went to market in November 2018. Since then, thousands of dogs have been able to enjoy dry-paw walks outside, while their humans can sleep sounder knowing their pets are safe and their homes are clean. And to this day, we’re still the only brand of dog leggings on the market.

My hope is that you’ll love Walkee Paws just as much as I do, and that your dog’s little Walkee waddles and wags bring a smile to your face!