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The ‘It’ Accessory for Fall: Introducing the Bag & Leash Combo

The ‘It’ Accessory for Fall: Introducing the Bag & Leash Combo

The ‘It’ Accessory for Fall: Introducing the Bag & Leash Combo

Belt bags are all the rage these days, but we’ve found a way to make them even more paw-pular: By introducing the Walkee Paws Bag & Leash, an all-in-one, grab-and-go, bag-and-leash combo! Designed to benefit both you and your pup, this multifunctional design can be worn and used in countless ways--just store by the door and use it as a leash, cross-body bag, belt bag or doggy car seat belt. 

Ways you can wear it:

    • Cross-body bag. Attach the leash clip to the handle and sling it across your body. Plus, you can adjust the length so it’s short, long or anything in between!
    • Belt bag. Attach the leash clip to the handle and wear it around your waist. An adjustable strap means it flatters all figures!
  • Phone and card holder. Stash your essentials when you’re out and about.
  • On-the-go wristlet. Just stuff the leash in the back pocket, close up the zipper, slip your wrist through the handle and you’re ready to go!
  • Backpack. Slip your arms through the straps and wear it on your back to keep your hands free.6 ways to wear the Bag & Leash Combo
  • Ways your pup can use it:

    • Dog leash. Connect the leash clip to your canine’s collar when it’s time for a walk. Unlike other dog leashes on the market, it can easily adjust to various lengths (as short as 3¼ ft or up to 5ft).
    • Car seat belt. Thread the leash through the handle around your headrest, then clip it to your dog’s harness or collar to secure them in the car. Paw-fect for suburban dogs who love to get around town.
    • All-in-one collar, leash & bag. No collar? No problem! Loop the leash around your pup's neck, tighten the adjuster to create a makeshift collar then use the leash and bag for an all-in-one solution.
    • On-the-go anchor. Wanna run inside to grab a coffee or make sure your pup stays put while you’re dining outdoors? Just thread the leash through the handle and clip it to your dog’s collar to secure them to a bench, table, bike rack, etc. 

    Our Bag & Leash Combo features a leash that adjusts up to 5 feet in length to suit your pooch’s size, making it paw-fect for daily walks, outdoor adventures and running errands with your pup. When you’re dashing out the door with Fido, just grab it to use as a leash. At the park, attach the leash clip to the handle to create a cross-body bag or fanny pack. No more holding a leash and poop-bag holder or tossing the leash around your neck. It truly is the better bag and leash: It stores all your stuff (and your dog’s, too!), and is adjustable to fit every human and four-legged friend.

    What Inspired the Bag & Leash Combo?

    “I got this idea one day in Central Park,” says Walkee Paws founder Lisa Baronoff. “I had a cross-body bag on, and when my dog Stir Fry was playing off leash, I stashed his leash in my bag. But when it was time to leave, the leash was nowhere in sight; it had fallen out of my bag somewhere! So as I was figuring out how to carry Stir Fry the 10 blocks home, I had an aha moment: I unclipped one side of my bag, used the strap as a leash, and held on to the bag as a handle so I could get Stir Fry home safely.”

    Noticing many other pet paw-rents carrying their leashes or draping them around their necks, Lisa realized the potential for creating an all-in-one solution. Enter the Bag & Leash Combo!

    “We designed this to be super cool with a sporty reflective stripe to keep your pup safe on night walks, and I soon discovered it could be used as a doggy seat belt, too. Since I hate having dog treat crumbs scattered all over my bag, we included a sleek detachable plastic treat pouch that can be easily cleaned. Plus, it closes magnetically for easy access to treats.”

    Why else will you love the Walkee Paws Bag & Leash?

    We’ve already told you how versatile our Bag & Leash Combo is. But it gets even better: With an all-black design, it’s made to be unisex and fit all shapes, heights and sizes. Plus, it’s feather light and won’t weigh you or your dog down. 

    Our Bag & Leash is the perfect everyday bag designed to go everywhere, thanks to tons of storage and surprise features. Stash your phone, wallet, lip gloss and car keys in the zippered pockets, and get easy access to poop bags thanks to a hidden back pocket. As for the part your dog will love the most: a removable treat pouch that’s easy to clean, clips to the bag and closes magnetically (so snacks stay in place!).

    Wear it doggy-side forward for easy access to poop bags and treats. Or wear it human-side forward for a sporty-chic look (no one would ever even know it’s a dog leash!) Even when you’re heading out without your pup, you can still take this fun and functional bag on the go!

    The Bag & Leash Combo is currently designed for small- and medium-sized dogs under 30 pounds, but a large-dog version is coming in early 2024! (Click here to join the waitlist.) 

    With endless features, our Bag & Leash Combo is the ulti-mutt gift for any dog owner. (In fact, it was named “Most Functional Leash” by Canine Journal!) So if you’re ready to get the doggy bag that does it all, shop our Bag & Leash Combo today. 

    What else is Walkee Paws up to?

    We’ve come a long way since introducing the world’s first dog leggings! With everything from leashes and raincoats to doggy backpacks and more, Walkee Paws has created a full dog-walking system for you and your pooch. Our Dry Walk Bundle keeps your dog bone dry on rainy spring and summer days, and we’ve designed cozy products for both you and your pooch during chilly winter weather. In addition to the Adjustable Puffer Coat and Pom Pom Hat, our Warm Walk Set features Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings and the NEW Easy-On Harness, with a convenient slit that you can pull your legging loops through to keep them in place. Before heading out, slip on your own Warm Walk Gloves (coming in November!) to keep your fingers toasty while on your winter walks. 

    At Walkee Paws, we truly have thought of everything to make walks with your furry friend fun, easy, functional and fashionable! 

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