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Best Dog Boots That Stay On

Best Dog Boots That Stay On

Best Dog Boots That Stay On

Dog booties and doggy shoes are a hot trend in pup fashion right now! 

They help protect your dog’s feet from things like snow, ice, heated asphalt, and all the nasty outdoor dirt and germs that go along with those things. Not to mention that you can take those puppy booties off as soon as you get in the door to keep your house clean! However, if you’ve ever tried to find boots for your furry one, then you know how difficult it can be to find a pair of dog boots that stay on.


There are many different styles of pet booties designed to protect your dog’s feet, but they just don’t seem to stay on! For example, some of the best dog booties use Velcro as a fastening system. Although Velcro is very secure, these boots can still slip off your dog’s feet if they are running around and playing a lot or if the fit isn’t perfect. Other types of rubber slip-on boots are even harder to keep on your dog’s feet!


Four things to look for in the best dog booties:

  1. Waterproof paws: you want to make sure that your dog’s paws will be completely protected from things like snow and ice, as well as the salt and chemicals used to treat them.
  2. Adjustable fasteners: if the fastening system isn’t flexible, then it can be tough to get those boots on your dog, not to mention uncomfortable for your pup.
  3. Secure fit: the boots should be secure, so they stay on for miles of walking and don’t slip off while your dog is running or playing.
  4. Comfortable for your pooch -  they can’t be too thick as dog’s need to feel the ground when they walk. This is important to give them a much-needed sense of security.

What Are the Best Dog Boots That Will Stay On?


Walkee Paws are unlike other dog boots because they are full leggings. The bottom part of each legging is totally waterproof, but also thin, light, and loose-fitting enough that your pooch will feel like they are walking more naturally on the ground. Above the waterproof paws, a flexible water-resistant legging material covers the rest of your dog’s legs. The legging fabric has just been updated to be water-resistant too. Everything is secured by a unique tightening tool that fastens behind his back and can be adjusted to get a perfect fit.


Besides being dog boots that stay on, Walkee Paws dog leggings offer a lot of other benefits for you and your pet. Not only do they keep your dog’s feet clean and dry from elements like rain, snow, chemicals, and muck, but they’re 100% washable, either by hand or machine. When you come home after a particularly dirty walk, all you have to do is take off the leggings and rinse the rubber paws to avoid spreading grime around your home.  

When you’re searching for dog boots that stay on and protect their feet and your home from germs and chemicals, Walkee Paws leggings for dogs is the solution. There’s no need to try other types of boots that are uncomfortable to wear, can slip off or aren’t waterproof. 

At last – boots for dogs that stay on!