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5 DIY Dog Halloween Costume Ideas With Walkee Paws Leggings

5 DIY Dog Halloween Costume Ideas With Walkee Paws Leggings

‘Tis the night of ghouls and goblins and terrors ooze into the night’s darkness.

But other than the fun terrors, nothing should get in the way of you going trick or treating with your pet while staying safe and protected. 

You can create awesome Walkee Paws DIY dog costumes while keeping your pup’s paws clean from dirt and possible bacterial and viral threats while protecting you and your family’s health. 

DIY Dog Halloween Costumes Ideas

We are weeks away from the night of ghosts and witches, and thoughts of Halloween costumes for dogs start looming your mind. But there is no need to worry.

Besides your best friend keeping all biosecurity measures, he’ll be pimpin’ in the night of horrors. The best part: no real horror story with dirt and germs being spread all over your home. 

Get past the scares with a cool DIY dog costume and take worry-free walks with Walkee Paws!

We have 5 awesome DIY ideas on what you and your pet can wear to trick-or-treat with style and stay safe!

This 50’s Look Will Make your Princess look the Ginchiest

Check out these stylish black confetti leggings to stay in touch with this year’s trends. Mix it up with a cute starry tutu and a chic pair of glasses, and you got yourself an eye-turner. 

Break the Stock with a Wall Street Pup

These classic leggings and tie will not only turn your dog into a wall street pup, but he can still use them for the time after the candy is gone. When it comes to easy dog costumes, this one rules. 

His paws will stay clean and protected, especially during the rough winter months coming ahead. They will protect his paws from the snow, dangerous snowmelt chemicals, and dirty city street. 

Make the Nation Proud and Protect Your Dog on this Battledress

Is your pup a fashion-forward Fido? 

Simply add the Camo leggings and a matching Camo accessory, and you’re all set. 

Your Dog will go Arf-arf, and Then He’ll go Arr-Arr

Take your dog to the seven seas with this super cool pirate costume. The best part: this DIY dog costume is super easy to put together. 

All you need is the skeletons leggings and the pirate’s hat. The eye patch is a nice touch. But please make sure that your dog will not be uncomfortable wearing one. 

If your friend seems to insist on taking it off, don’t force it. Remember that vision is vital for a dog, and even though they do have good night vision, they still want both eyes to keep them alert. 

Not only the Queen of Hearts but the Queen of your Heart!

Turn her into the Queen of Hearts with this lovely combo of heart leggings and crown. Also, make sure the crown is comfortable and is not hurting. If she insists on taking it off, that is a good indication. 

Just like royalty should, her paws will stay clean as the leggings protect her soft tootsies all winter long. You will love those neat paws, and you’ll show the world how much you love her. 

Ideas Welcome for Spooky Night!

Do you have ideas on fabulous and easy dog costumes using Walkee Paws? There are only so many combinations you can make to get your pet on style. 

Share your costume ideas with the hashtag #WalkeeHalloween20 on Instagram and Facebook.

Remember to have fun and to ensure that your dog has it too. 

Have a happy and safe Walkee-ween!