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10 Dog-Friendly Winter Activities To Enjoy With Your Furry Friend

10 Dog-Friendly Winter Activities To Enjoy With Your Furry Friend

10 Dog-Friendly Winter Activities To Enjoy With Your Furry Friend

When the air gets frigid and Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose, it can be easy to cut your dog’s daily walk short and just hole up at home. But winter doesn’t have to be the season where you and your pup only venture outside for a quick potty break. Keep reading for 10 ideas of dog-friendly winter activities you can enjoy with your canine--both inside and out!

1. Grab a drink at a dog-friendly bar

Escape from the cold and enjoy a pint with your pup at a dog-friendly brewery, wine bar or pub. Just make sure your pooch is wearing dog boots (like our Outdoor Dog Boot Leggings) to protect their precious paws from sticky, spilled drinks, broken glass and germy floors.

Dog boots in snow and rain

2. Go for a doggy getaway

Whether you’re trying to flee from freezing temps or escape to a snowy landscape, hit the road with your furry friend for a winter adventure. You can get off the grid and go camping with your canine; keep things casual at a cabin in the mountains; or head to a dog-friendly resort for something a little more luxurious. 

3. Try a winter sport

If you and your pup are the athletic type, show off your snowy skills with an activity like sledding or skijoring. Skijoring--aka skiing with dogs--is a sport where dogs pull a cross-country skier (similar to sled pulling, but on skis instead!). Not only does it provide excellent exercise for your four-legged friend, but it also lets you get in on the cold-weather fun. Just make sure your pup is dressed for the occasion with dog leggings, a coat and a hat to protect them from the winter elements. 

4. Get Fido in the festive spirit

Whether you live in a big city like New York or a teeny tiny town, there’s a good chance you’ll find at least one holiday market in your area. Bring your buddy along to shop hand-crafted goodies, sip on hot cider and maybe even get a picture with Santa for your annual Christmas card! (Hint: Dress your dog in our Santa Paws Hat so they look even cuter in their close-up!)

Dog in Xmas hat with father Christmas
5. Play some brain games

For days when it’s unbearably cold outside but your pup still needs some entertainment, put their canine noggin’ to work with enriching toys that challenge their mind and burn off extra energy. Puzzle feeders are excellent for making your dog work for their meals or treats; you can buy one online or make your own by stuffing treats or kibble inside an empty power towel roll and folding down the ends. Try a game of hide and seek--either with you or their favorite toy--or set up an array of boxes with treats hidden inside to practice nose work. And when all else fails, simply work on basic obedience training for some mental enrichment.

6. Treat ‘em to something tasty

Take Fido on a field trip to your local dog bakery to enjoy a fresh-baked cookie, pup-cake or other doggy delicacies. Or whip up something delicious from the comfort of your own kitchen! Blend oats, natural peanut butter and bananas in a food processor until they form a dough; roll it out on a floured surface; use your favorite cookie cutter to cut out cookies; then bake them for 25 minutes on 300F. 

7. Visit an indoor dog park

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your pooch should miss out on doggy social hour! Take them to an indoor dog park instead, so they can romp around with other pups without getting mud and dirt all over their feet (or pesky snowballs stuck in their fur). 

8. Register for a keg pull

These four-legged races have been popping up around the country and are quickly becoming a beloved winter tradition. Dogs are strapped into a harness with a beer keg attached, then encouraged to race to the finish line to determine who’s top dog. And they’re not just for extra-large doggos who can haul heavy kegs; even pint-sized pups can get in on the fun with mini kegs!

9. Let your pup’s inner Picasso shine

Create a cute keepsake by pulling out a piece of canvas, dipping your dog’s paws in non-toxic paint, then letting them walk across the canvas to paint their own work of art. You can even toss a pair of our Indoor Grippy Sock Leggings on your dog before dipping their feet in paint to make clean-up a breeze (just wash leggings under cold water after and hang to dry). 

10. Cuddle with your canine

Sure, cold-weather adventures are fun, but sometimes you just want to stay inside where it’s warm and cuddle up by the fire with your canine companion. Turn on your favorite movie, grab a mug of hot cocoa, and treat your pup to a small bowl of plain air-popped popcorn--talk about the perfect snow day!

dog on sofa hugging owner

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