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There’s never been a product like the Bag & Leash Combo. It’s a leash that transforms into 5 different wearable bags, a doggy car restraint & more to meet all your everyday dog-walking needs.


It keeps everything in one place, so you can just grab and go--no more searching for your pup’s stuff, your essentials AND your leash. With the Bag & Leash Combo, everything’s all together, so you’re pup-ared for anything.


 Zippered pockets to store phone, cards, keys, poop bags, etc.

Removable treat pouch that’s easy to clean

Bag measurements: 5"H, 7"W, 1.25"D

  • Leash that stows poop bags

  • Purse for keys and credit cards

  • Restraint for car rides

  • Stowed away as a backpack

  • Clutch worn around the wrist

     5 Reasons You and Your Dog Need the Bag Leash Combo Now

You'll never have to search for all your stuff, pup's stuff AND the leash again  (it's an all-in-one, grab-and-go Bag & Leash combo to keep by your front door)

No need to  carry a leash AND  a bag - It's a leash when you need it and transforms into 7 different types of wearable bags ( no more holding the leash and a bag when your pup is off leash )

Easier with Bag Leash

Embrace simplicity with the 

Bag Leash.

From dog parks to cafés, explore effortlessly with a versatile accessory that evolves with your day. And its eeflective for safe night walks. 

Unlock limitless adventures with your pup.

Experience freedom and flexibility on your outings, tailored to your needs. Plus the chic black unisex hardware, lightweight design and 2 zippered pockets makes it durable and versatile. 

Adjustable leash length from 3 ft-5 ft to suit your needs 






Bag leash transforms life for you and your pup

Converts magically into a Doggie Car Restraint for safe car rides 





Easier with Bag Leash

Hands-Free Convenience

Enjoy Uninterrupted Walks

Quality Time with Ease

Stores your stuff and your dogs-like poop bags, with a removable, easy-clean plastic teat. Magnetic opening for easy-acess. 

No more crumbs all over your bag. 



Enjoy every precious moment with your pup

Make your walks more enjoyable and your outings stress-free, so you can focus on what truly matters – the boundless love and happiness your furry friend brings into your life.

Don't miss out on effortless walks with your pup. Secure your bag leash today!