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get your bag leash while supplies last


There’s never been a product like the Bag & Leash Combo. It’s a leash that transforms into 5 different wearable bags, a doggy car restraint & more to meet all your everyday dog-walking needs.


It keeps everything in one place, so you can just grab and go--no more searching for your pup’s stuff, your essentials AND your leash. With the Bag & Leash Combo, everything’s all together, so you’re pup-ared for anything.

 Zippered pockets to store phone, cards, keys, poop bags, etc.

Removable treat pouch that’s easy to clean

Bag measurements: 5"H, 7"W, 1.25"D

  • Leash that stows poop bags

  • Purse for keys and credit cards

  • Restraint for car rides

  • Stowed away as a backpack

  • Clutch worn around the wrist

 5 Reasons You and Your Dog Need the Bag Leash Combo Now

You'll never have to search for all your stuff, pup's stuff AND the leash again  (it's an all-in-one, grab-and-go Bag & Leash combo to keep by your front door)

Bag & Leash Combo


Easier with Bag Leash

Embrace simplicity with the 

Bag Leash.

From dog parks to cafés, explore effortlessly with a versatile accessory that evolves with your day. And its eeflective for safe night walks. 

Raves for Walkee Paws

No need to  carry a leash AND  a bag - It's a leash when you need it and transforms into 7 different types of wearable bags ( no more holding the leash and a bag when your pup is off leash )

Unlock limitless adventures with your pup.

Experience freedom and flexibility on your outings, tailored to your needs. Plus the chic black unisex hardware, lightweight design and 2 zippered pockets makes it durable and versatile. 

Adjustable leash length from 3 ft-5 ft to suit your needs 






Bag leash transforms life for you and your pup

Converts magically into a Doggie Car Restraint for safe car rides 





Easier with Bag Leash

Hands-Free Convenience

Enjoy Uninterrupted Walks

Quality Time with Ease

Stores your stuff and your dogs-like poop bags, with a removable, easy-clean plastic teat. Magnetic opening for easy-acess. 

No more crumbs all over your bag. 



Enjoy every precious moment with your pup

Make your walks more enjoyable and your outings stress-free, so you can focus on what truly matters – the boundless love and happiness your furry friend brings into your life.

Don't miss out on effortless walks with your pup. Secure your bag leash today!