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These Dog Boots Are A Must-Have Give For Puppy Paw-rents

As seen on “Shark Tank,” with more than 1,200 5-star reviews!

Looking for the paw-fect gift for all the dog owners in your life? Want to treat your four-legged friend to something extra special? Thousands of puppy parents agree that Walkee Paws are the only dog boot leggings that do the trick!

A whole new take on traditional dog boots!

Launching in 2018 as the world’s first all-in-one dog boot leggings, Walkee Paws were designed to protect your furry friends from all the ruff stuff outside—everything from rain, snow, mud and dirt to germs, chemicals, allergens and harmful pesticides. And because they cleverly combine both leggings and booties, your dog’s feet and their entire legs are covered.

Unlike traditional dog boots—which come with four separate booties—Walkee Paws have a patented over-the-back design that allows all four leggings to attach to one another. This means they’re simple to put on and won’t slip off mid-walk, so you’ll never lose a dog boot again! Known as the “better bootie” by the 1,200+ 5-star reviewers who love Walkee Paws, each pair of these aww-dorable dog leggings comes in a variety of cute colors and patterns (think plaid, hearts, camo and more!). They also feature waterproof rubber booties that can withstand heat up to 302°F and cold down to -40°F, plus silicone “grippies” for traction on slippery surfaces and icy sidewalks.

Walkee Paws are the ultimate in canine comfort

Made with four-way stretch legging fabric and natural rubber booties, Walkee Paws are the only dog boots on the market that are designed with comfort in mind. Most dog booties rely on being tight and restrictive around the ankles in order to stay on. But because Walkee Paws leggings connect over the back, they’re loose around your dog’s ankles and don’t cut off their circulation.

Plus, the waterproof booties are made from natural rubber, a flexible material that mimics the normal sensation of walking on the ground. This gives your pup a higher-quality sensory experience, and helps him feel safe and secure when wearing Walkee Paws. From adjustable straps that allow you to find the perfect fit for any dog size or shape to a cushioned back piece that prevents fur from catching, every detail is designed to keep your pooch comfy.

And now Walkee Paws Outdoor Boot Leggings are available in three paw-some varieties!

The Adjustable Fit Leggings are made with elastic drawstring leg openings that allow you to easily adjust them for the perfect fit and tightness. They’re also a great year-round solution: You can tighten the drawstrings in winter to prevent snow or rain from entering the boots, or loosen them up for a cooling effect during the dog days of summer.

The Easy-On Leggings are just that—simple to slip on your pup! They feature wider leg openings (no drawstring elastic openings) and a smoother seam between the rubber booties and legging fabric to avoid nail catches and tearing. The Easy-On Leggings also come with an elastic collar connector that attaches to your dog’s collar or harness for a stay-on fit.

And coming December 2022, be on the lookout for the Deluxe Edition Easy-On Leggings! A paw-sitively fetching upgrade to the Easy-On Leggings, the Deluxe edition is made with elevated design details for enhanced fit, durability and canine comfort. This includes ergonomically shaped, TPE-molded booties that provide an even more natural feel for Fido’s feet. Your dog will also keep cozy in even the coldest weather, thanks to cotton-lined booties for enhanced insulation and durability.

What’s in it for the humans?

Aside from being able to rest easy knowing your dog is safe from harmful chemicals, hot pavements and icy-cold sidewalks, Walkee Paws dog boot leggings keep your home clean and free from dirt, mud, germs and allergens! So now you don’t have to waste your time after each walk cleaning your dog with bath wipes (or even worse--giving them a bath), and you can snuggle right up to them on the couch knowing you left the dirt outside!

But it doesn’t stop at leggings: Walkee Paws has designed a wide range of products for your pooch!

Indoor Grippy Sock Leggings: Help your senior dog get a grip on wooden or tile floors, and prevent your pup’s nails from scratching up your floors!

Puffer Coats: A fleece-lined design to keep your canine cozy in the chilliest of temps. Add on the Attachable Coat Leggings for full head-to-tail protection.

Leashes: With a padded handle and heavy-duty leash clip. Available in four colors and patterns to match back to your favorite Walkee Paws leggings!

Hats: A doggone cute addition that’s built for winter weather.

Fans everywhere are woofing their praises for Walkee Paws! Here’s what they have to say about these one-of-a-kind dog boot leggings:

“These leggings are FANTASTIC!! They stay on, keep his paws warm AND dry (especially with the socks), and keep his legs from turning into ‘pupsicles’ when he frolics through the snow. We took these to Jackson Hole in single digits and our pup could frolic for HOURS!! LOVE THESE, and so does our pup!!!” -Elyse G.

“I can’t rave about these enough! I have a puggle who HATES getting his feet touched, but live in an area with snow and lots of salt on the ground. It takes 20 minutes to get boots on him, if I can even get them all on, but less than 1 minute with Walkees! He doesn’t mind me putting these on, and adjusted so quickly to wearing them. 10/10 would recommend.” -Sage P.

“I have tried many booties for my little dog that just wouldn't stay on. The Walkee Paws are the answer to my dilemma! They stay on no matter how often my dog, Brady, bucks his back feet like a bronco. He got used to them easily and put my mind at ease about the safety of his little paws. I highly recommend these if you want to keep your dog's paws dry, warm and salt-free.” -Donna B.

“Lola went for her inaugural walk in her Walkee Paws today and I think she had extra pep in her step and was almost prancing. This is such a game changer for us! I like knowing her feet are protected from the rock salt on the sidewalks and roads and she now won’t get those annoying and uncomfortable snow/ice balls between her paw pads. Boots never stayed on her - this is a great product!” -Krista S.

“My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dazzle, LOVES Walkee Paws! She's been wearing them for more than two years now, mostly because the streets where I live make her paws filthy and then she tracks it into the house. Not with Walkee Paws! Her fluffy white feet stay pristine, and she loves to talk in them because she can step on rocks and dirt and pavement and weeds without her feet hurting. She gets excited when she sees her Walkee Paws because she knows she is going for a stroll! Her leggings get a lot of attention, so I like that there is a QR Code attached to the leggings...when people ask what they are, instead of trying to remember what they are called they can just snap the QR code with their phone. Dazzle and I are Walkee Paws biggest fans!” -Debby B.

“Walkee Paws are the absolute best thing ever created for your pup!!! For me, especially in the the snow! But they work perfectly for rain and muddy conditions as well. I’ve spent a ton of money on other dog boots that just continually fall off. This is the best and most effective investment of the year, or decade!! Most highly recommended this product!” -Becky B.