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Rubber damaged? We can fix it!

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When designing Walkee Paws, we did our very best to create a product that’s effective, durable and comfy for your dog. We also needed to strike a balance between finding rubber that was fit for walks while also being thin enough for your dog to feel the ground for stability and security.

Over time, the natural rubber on Walkee Paws booties can wear down and develop small holes or tears. Long nails can also cause damage to the rubber or rough walking surfaces.

No worries, we can fix this and make them good as new with our rubber repair patches!

How do I apply the patch piece?

1. Find the hole or tear and turn the booties inside out.

2. Cut the adhesive patch in a circle to cover the damaged area.

3. Peel the backing on the patch piece.

4. Patch over the damaged area.

5. Turn booties outside in and reform to their original shape. Voila--good as new!

Hint: If you can’t find the hole, run a little bit of water into the bootie to locate it. Then wipe the area dry and follow the instructions above.


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