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Congrats--you got your paws on our most versatile design ever! This multipurpose product stores all your & your pup's stuff and magically transforms to meet all your dog-walking needs. Watch the videos below to see how many ways you can use it!

From the Founder

“I got this idea one day in Central Park. I had a cross-body bag on, and when my dog Stir Fry was playing off leash, I stashed his leash in my bag. But when it was time to leave, the leash was nowhere in sight; it had fallen out of my bag somewhere! As I was figuring out how to carry Stir Fry the 10 blocks home, I had an "aha" moment: I unclipped one side of my bag, used the strap as a leash and held on to the bag as a handle so I could get Stir Fry home safely.

I then noticed many other pet paw-rents carrying their leashes, draping them around their necks and also wearing a cross-body or waist bag, so I decided to create an all-in-one solution. Enter the Bag & Leash Combo!

Once I received the prototype I realized it could be used in many more unique ways including as a wristlet, backpack or doggy car restraint.

Now I never have to juggle all my pups' stuff (poop bags, treats). and my stuff (cards, phone, keys) and his leash - it's an all-in-one solution that transforms to meet all my everyday needs.

I hope it's as useful to you as it has been for me!"


Reflective Stitching

"We designed this to be super cool, with a sporty reflective stripe to keep your pup safe on night walks."

Removable Plastic Treat Pouch

"Since I hate having dog treat crumbs scattered all over my bag, we included a sleek, detachable plastic treat pouch that's easy to clean. Plus, it closes magnetically for easy access to treats."

Large- Dog Version coming 2024!

*The Bag & Leash Combo is currently designed for dogs under 30 pounds, but a large-dog version is coming in early 2024! Click here to join the waitlist