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Why Your Dog Could Benefit From Wearing Shoes: Insights on Indoor Living and Paw Protection

Why Your Dog Could Benefit From Wearing Shoes: Insights on Indoor Living and Paw Protection

Why Your Dog Could Benefit From Wearing Shoes: Insights on Indoor Living and Paw Protection

How Humans and Our Furry Friends Made the Great Leap Indoors

Thousands of years ago, humans and dogs lived outdoors. The world was a much different place. It may be hard to believe, but even we used to cross vast terrains with no shoes on our feet. 

Time changed, however, and we moved indoors. With the evolution of urban living and the deepening of pet companionship, our lives fundamentally began to change. We started wearing shoes to be better equipped for our lives. This wasn’t just for protection, however, but key for promoting the health and safety of indoor environments. 


As our pets move more inside, and in many cases with dogs sleeping in beds, it’s now time to re-evaluate how we care for their paws. 



Better Health and Cleanliness for Our Homes and Our Pets 

A clean home is a happy home. This is hard enough to achieve on our own, let alone with our furry family members coming in from the outside world. This is one of the strongest arguments for dog boots—minimizing the dirt and bacteria our dogs bring into the house. 

This is especially true for those of us who maybe snuggle a little too closely with our furry friends and allow them to get up on furniture and beds. 56% of people let their pets sleep with them in their bedroom. This is another reason why dog boots are becoming one of the fastest-growing dog care trends. 

You wouldn’t bring dirty shoes into your house. The same is true with your best friend’s paws. So, not only protect them, but promote cleaner indoor living with dog shoes. 


Changing How We Raise Our Pets: Paw-tection Inside and Out 

Dogs no longer live in truly natural environments. Our urban world has created conditions their paws aren't naturally equipped to handle. Modern hazards such as hot pavement, harmful chemicals, and sharp objects pose risks to dogs' paws.

Further, most dogs nowadays have been raised indoors and may not have the same resilience in their paw pads as when they lived totally outside. 

As pets become fully integrated into family life, this leads to an increased focus on their comfort and the potential effects of their lives on individual households. Just like us, they need a little help. Fortunately, dog boot leggings provide that extra layer of protection to promote health, injury, and fun walks no matter the weather. 

Dog boots are an easy solution to this. For dog owners, they prevent germs and bacteria from the streets from getting into your home. Best of all, it’s as easy as slipping on dog boot leggings that are also comfortable and a joy for them to wear. 

Modern Urban Living: Healthy Dog Essentials 

As domesticated dogs have transitioned from wild wolves to cuddle companions, their care needs have evolved.

Dog shoes are essential solutions for protecting paw and canine health, and maintaining household cleanliness while protecting them against natural threats such as rain, snow, and ice as well as many main dangers such as chemicals and other toxins. 

*You wouldn’t head out into the city or anywhere without your shoes. It’s now time to think the same for your canine companion. Up your walk game and browse our collection now. 

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