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Walkee Paws are designed with both style & functionality in mind, ensuring your furry friend is protected and comfortable during every walk.


Never Lose A Dog Boot Again!

The original patented suspender Boots, fashioned from a high quality seamless stretch fabric where all 4 leggings connect together and can be easily adjusted for the paw-fect snug fit for your pooch.

Walkee Paws on Shark Tank

Walkee Paws on Shark Tank: A Milestone Moment

In 2021, Walkee Paws made waves on Shark Tank, introducing our innovative dog leggings to pet lovers everywhere….

"I recommend Walkee Paws to my clients as effective protection against many environmental hazards (snow-melt chemicals, fecal- and urine-related germs, glass, pesticides, foxtails, etc.)."