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Snug Fit vs Regular Fit

Snug Fit vs Regular Fit?

What's New with Snug Fit?

Snug-fit legging fabric designed to stay on—no matter what! Although they may be a little more challenging to get on, they won't come off when your dog plays or walks.

Elastic leg openings on the sizes that need it most (all four legs on size M/L and back legs on size S).

Longer straps to fit tall dogs with small paws.

Padded cushion under the cord stopper to provide extra canine comfort and prevent fur from catching.

What's the Dog-Gone Difference?

Please note: Sizes XS and S fit similarly with both Snug and Regular Fit. Snug Fit features elastic leg openings on all four legs for sizes M and L; elastic leg openings only on back legs for size S; and no elastic leg openings on size XS.

Order Regular Fit if...

You already have a pair and they fit your dog well.

You want a super-easy on and off design (ideal for short walks).

Your dog has thicker legs, needs more room, or has lots of fur.

Your dog's build is short and stocky.


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