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Indoor Walkee Paws with Grippy Socks Fit Instructions

Please ensure your dog's nails are clipped short and filed.

Step 1

Standing over our dog, separate the four pieces in the direction of each leg.

Step 2

Starting with the front paws, slip one paw at a time into the socks by stretching the ribbed ankle section to fit paws inside.

Step 3

Tighten leggings using the over-the-back connector. Repeat on back legs. Once you've achieved the paw-fect fit, you won't have to readjust each time.

Step 4

Adjust the back piece to fit the length of your dog.

Straps too long? Here's what to do:

1. Leave them as is!

2. Tie 'em in a bow!

3. Tie 'em in a tight knot and cut excess straps!


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