Do Dogs Need Boots?

Do Dogs Need Boots?

Do Dogs Need Boots?

Let’s start by asking the question do people need shoes? Shoes protect our feet from surfaces that are too cold or too hot, from dirt and from allergens, and can simultaneously be a fashion statement. The same facts hold true for dogs. Dog booties protect our dog’s paws, maintains the cleanliness of our houses, and certainly makes a fashion statement. Walkee Paws Waterproof dog leggings have all the function, fit and flare you and your dog desire.

Dog’s contend with unpredictable weather. In the Winter, there can be extremely cold, snow and even ice. We also use a lot of salt on the road to help try and melt the snow away. These chemicals are really harmful to a dog’s paw. In the Summer, there is strong heat from the sun and hot pavement to deal with. And slippery, slushy rain can be a year-round occurrence. Walkee Paws are designed to go on easily, be comfortable for your dog, protect your pooch and make a fashion statement. 

Booties can be a very difficult task or dare I say a chore, to put on your dog. There are so many blogs, articles and how-to tips written. They sound complicated and might range from: sitting your dog on your lap similar to that of a baby, stand over your dog and wiggle them into the booties, to giving treats reinforcing their behavior of putting the boots on to measuring their paw size so the booties fit properly. Walkee Paws runs counter to that, we make it easy! Our dog leggings have an adjustable strap that keeps the legs and booties on and up. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Walkee Paws Waterproof Dog Leggings - Keep Your Dog's Paws Clean and Dry Without the Hassle of Boots. 

We have talked a lot about dog paw’s so it is important to go back to the basics and make sure everything is known to better take care and understand your furry friend. A dog’s paw is made up of five important parts: 

1. Claws- Located at the end of the paw and similar to human toenails, claws help dogs gain a grip to a surface. They grow fast so clipping should be done often to avoid injuries.   

2. Digital pads- Next to the claws are four digital pads which are cushions to help absorb impact. Through weather conditions and walking and hard rough surfaces the digital pads can wear down and pain develops for your dog.  

3. Metacarpal pad- The largest pad has a similar purpose to the digital pads. 

4. Declaw- considered to be the fifth nails and can be located in different areas depending on the breed of the dog. 

5.Carpal pad- Located at the heel of the paw, the carpal pad’s job is to maintain balance on inclines.   


we take all of this in mind. The leggings are comfortable for your dog. They range in sizes from Small to Large. They adjust and then fit securely with no zippers or ties. The adjustable straps make sure you do not have to worry about the bootie falling off or becoming uncomfortable. They are natural in texture and feeling and therefore allows full motion, grip and comfort. 

Importantly, Walkee Paws protect your pooch and help prevent injuries. We use material that is water resistant, durable and textured to keep dirt and allergens away and to help maintain traction. Away from their paws and away from your floors. A dog that is healthy can be a dog that is happy. No burns and scorching heat to deal with in the summer, no slipping and snow to deal with in the winter and no mud and dirt to deal with daily. No licking of their paws after being exposed to these elements. Just comfortable protection all year long. After that long walk, no dirt tracked in your house, on your bed or on the rest of your family. Just security and protection all year long. 

Finally, Walkee Paws are most definitely a fashion statement. From plaid to solids to polka dots, your pooch will be sure to find ones that make them look and feel terrific. 

When the rubber meets the road, let your dog’s paws meet its doggie paws and be happy, healthy and dry. Walkee Paws Waterproof Dog Leggings - Keep Your Dog's Paws Clean and Dry Without the Hassle of Boots - Try them today.